This mother used a piece of chalk to help her daughter realize her fairy tale dream…

A foreign mother saw random graffiti on her daughter\’s desk one day. She had an idea and used a few pieces of chalk to draw on the ground, creating a world full of unknown adventures for her child. Mom, I’m going to ride on the little yellow duck and travel around the world. We floated to the Antarctic and played with the cute penguins. There is also a big snowman throwing snowballs with me. But it\’s too cold here, I have to leave quickly. However, the little yellow duck disappeared, so he had to go back on the raft. Oh my god, how come there are so many sharks? I fell into the sea due to nervousness. The underwater world is so beautiful! Fortunately, the kind dolphin saved me. But it took me to an unknown island, and I hung around in the jungle all day, not feeling lonely even with the little monkey as my companion. Sometimes I ride a snail to explore the secrets of nature. Occasionally, I would read quietly on the mushroom house for a while. Missing her grandma, Little Red Riding Hood is going to visit her. Will she be in danger? It\’s okay, with the protection of the little puppet, everything will turn into good luck. No, I\’m really tired from walking. Let me take a short nap. When I woke up, I was on the clouds. Fortunately, a big bird passed by and said he could take me home. But the wind was so strong that I was blown down and ended up hanging on the clothes drying rack at home! I’m so happy, now I can sleep in my own bed again! I can lead my dog ​​across the road again. It feels so good to be home, even better than on vacation. This mom’s imagination and painting skills are truly amazing. I have to say that home is indeed the warmest harbor. No matter how long you play outside, you must remember the way home.

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