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Three cute kids ran away from home. Whose door was left open and the kid ran away!

Dingdang’s mother only has one child, so she is very tired. What happens if there are three children in a family who are only one year apart in age? There is such a family in Hangzhou. While the mother was sleeping, the two-year-old sister ran away from home with her one-year-old twins! The police uncle picked up three cute babies on the roadside. These three children were \”picked up\” by the police uncle on the roadside. The thing is Jiang Zi. My mother was alone at home with her three children. She fell asleep because she was too tired. Her father left for work and forgot to close the door. So the three children were too bored. My two-year-old sister took her one-year-old twins outside. Go have some fun. Just like that, the three naked \”little meatballs\” climbed down from the sixth floor and walked step by step to the street. They had been walking for more than an hour before they met the police. It was originally a very dangerous thing, because once the little doll met a bad person, the consequences would be disastrous. However, seeing these three cute babies flying up to the sky and down on the ground, Dingdang’s mother actually felt they were so cute, so she walked on her short legs for more than an hour, which really made it difficult for them. Finally, the child was successfully picked up by his mother. Dad, remember to lock the door when you go out from now on! As for mothers, if you are too tired to take care of your baby by yourself, you can ask someone to help take care of it. Don’t fall asleep again~ Netizen: How can a one-year-old child walk so well? Many netizens lamented the cuteness of the doll, and also reminded the mother to take good care of the baby next time, but Dingdang’s mother also heard another voice: Is this a lie? Can a one-year-old child walk so much? Can you still come down the stairs? To this kind of netizen, Dingdang’s mother just wants to say, you must not have children! Generally speaking, babies will raise their heads and turn over when they are 2 to 4 months old. Teeth will appear in 4 to 10 months, and they will sit alone at 5 to 9 months. The crawling stage will be between 5 and 11 months, and 9 to 15 months old. The baby can talk at 9 to 17 months, and the baby will stand and learn to walk between 9 and 17 months. After 15 months, the baby will slowly learn to climb stairs and other movements, and the 2-year-old baby will run. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a one-year-old baby to climb stairs and walk such a long distance. Babies who are 14 or 15 months old can already walk very well. However, depending on the physical development of each baby, it is normal for some babies to not be able to walk until 17 months old. How to teach your baby to walk? There are four stages for babies to learn to walk. Parents should help babies master walking skills step by step: Stage 1: The baby can stand up holding things. Parents can use strollers or other tools to assist the baby to help the baby overcome the fear of walking. For example, hold the baby\’s hands or one hand to help him learn to take steps, or hold the baby with a towel, or hold the baby\’s armpits behind him. It is not recommended to use a walker here, as it is not good for the baby\’s leg shape. The second stage: Let the baby learn to squat and stand. Parents can put the baby\’s favorite toys on the ground and entice the baby to pick them up by themselves. The third stage: Mom and dad stand at both ends and let the baby walk from one end to the other in the middle. In this way, the baby will receive encouragement from his parents, which will increase his confidence. The baby will stagger around and eventually fall into the arms of its parents, unable to hold its feet. With gradual practice, this phenomenon will gradually disappear. The fourth stage: Practice climbing stairs. Use small chairs or stairs at home to train your baby\’s ability to climb stairs. BabyWhat precautions should be taken when learning to walk? When helping babies to walk, parents should pay attention to the following: 1. Choose a place without obstacles. When a baby first learns to walk, his steps may be unstable and he may fall down easily. In order to prevent danger, choose a large, flat, and obstacle-free place to learn to walk. If you are indoors, avoid sharp objects with edges and corners, and pay attention to coal stoves, heaters and other items in winter. 2. Choose appropriate clothing for your baby. When practicing walking, the baby should be put into lightweight clothing to facilitate the baby\’s walking. Choose shoes that are soft in the front and strong in the heel. These shoes are helpful for the baby to stand and walk. Very soft shoes are not conducive to the baby\’s walking. Or you can choose functional shoes, but they must fit well to prevent the baby from being restrained. In severe cases, it may cause deformities. Shoes that are too large and do not follow the feet are not advisable. Change shoe sizes regularly because babies develop quickly. 3. Pay attention to whether the baby is injured. Babies are not very expressive and fall easily when they first learn to walk. Parents should pay more attention to check whether their babies are injured during training or whether their feet are sprained. You can let your baby lie on the bed and kick his feet to see if he can kick well. You can also press your baby\’s feet to see if there is pain. Sometimes the baby will have the behavior of stepping on its feet when walking. If it happens and returns to normal, there is no need to worry too much. 4. Parents must be patient. Babies can\’t learn to walk in a day or two. Parents should be patient and teach their children slowly. Don\’t rush for success and follow their children\’s progress step by step. You can arrange a certain amount of time to walk with your baby every day and pay attention to protective measures, so that your baby will learn quickly. Dingdang’s mother said that it is actually not good for the baby to learn to walk too early. It should be done according to the rules of his growth and development, and must not be rushed. What if the kid follows other people’s example and runs away from home? Text|Dingdang Mama

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