Throwing her newborn son into the water, Yao Chen actually supported her?

In \”Qi Pa Shuo\”, Luo Zhenyu said: What is the most useless maternal and infant product in the world? It\’s dad. Chinese mothers can be summed up in five words: widowed parenting. You ask him to take care of the baby, and he says he needs to make money to support the family; you ask him to wash the dishes, and he says he needs to care about the country (making news). When Sima was a child, the deepest impression of his father was when he asked: \”Daughter, what grade are you in this year?\” So my mother is a superman, and my father can only ask \”Where have you been?\” Is this normal? Needless to say, Sima said, of course it\’s not normal. However, the idea that \”men are rough-handed\” and \”men are the masters of the outside world and women are the masters of the house\” cannot be changed overnight. Only Sunny, this mother said she had a way to get her father to play with the children, just by swimming. I am Sunny. I became a professional swimmer at the age of 12 and obtained the national coaching qualification certificate at the age of 17. And my most important identity is that I am a mother of two children. When my eldest son Tiger was just 5 days old, something happened to me and my daughter that caught me off guard – my husband, Shane, actually held our son while he was playing in a bathtub filled with water! My son was still giggling happily~ Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with Tiger getting into the water so early, I’m just surprised, why didn’t the man as promised not take care of the child? ! My husband, Shane, and I have the impression that men do not have children, which was left with me since I was a child. You should ask your mother what you eat and wear at home; when there is a parent-teacher meeting at school, you should also call your mother. It was many years later that I discovered that Chinese fathers value \”father\’s love like a mountain\”, and without the test of time, it cannot be seen. I wish my father could care more about my husband being so willing to take care of the children. I couldn\’t react for a while. On the contrary, he did not understand my \”view on parenting\”: \”Father is a very important role, how can he leave all the care of the children to the mother?\” Although his son is only 5 days old, Shane has already begun to think about the child. \”Future\”: \”One day, Tiger will also become a father.\” So from now on, he has to learn to be a man. Shane and his daughter were playing, changing the baby\’s diapers, and reading to him. When he got a little older, he took Tiger to learn \”fighting\” – no matter how busy Shane was, he would always take some time to play with the children. Among them, what he does most is play in the water with the children. He always said that children who swim in elementary school are smarter, more confident, and stronger, \”just like you\”; and swimming is a skill, and \”there are many skills but not a burden on the body.\” My son, Tiger, first learned to swim and then walk; my daughter first learned to float completely in the water before she could turn over. The children are very close to Shane. I admit that sometimes I am quite jealous, but when I see my son taking care of his sister obediently and saying that he wants to be a little superman and protect his mother, I feel very grateful to my husband. It turns out that this is what happens to children whose father takes care of them. When my son and his sister returned to Beijing, I was particularly happy because I heard that baby swimming has become popular in China. But when I took my children there, I couldn\’t believe what I saw – in the small pool, the children were tightly held by their necks, and they were almost vertical.Swimming in the water in the same posture, while the parents just held up their mobile phones and shot a few short videos to post on WeChat Moments! This is my ideal baby swimming scene. I immediately got mad: \”The baby\’s neck is so fragile, how can it be held like this?\”, \”Why don\’t parents swim with us, but stand aside and chat and wait?\” As a result, I I was surrounded by people, and everyone looked at me like I was an idiot: \”What should I do if a child chokes? We don\’t have professional staff.\” When I expressed that I wanted to go into the water myself, the staff kicked me out. The scene of parents and children swimming together is beautiful, but we not only want the children to learn to swim, we also hope that swimming can become an emotional bond between family members! So my husband and I could only build a small swimming pool in the living room at home for disinfection. When I share \”parenting experiences\” with mothers online, they always envy my two children who are healthy, smart and sensible. After I heard that swimming was beneficial, someone actually traveled half way across Beijing to come to my house with their baby to swim! As my son was playing in the water, I suddenly realized that I could do something for \”parent-child swimming\” and use my twenty-year professional experience. In 2010, I opened China’s first professional parent-child swimming club in Beijing, which was called “Muqi”. I obtained the most authoritative international infant CPR certificate and international FRISTAID certificate at the age of 23. I am fully qualified to be a competent parent-child swimming coach. I get up early every morning, put Tiger on my shoulder, carry him and go out. When we got to the club, he got in the water with me. As \”the number one parent-child swimmer in China\”, I have to take classes and train coaches, and Tiger is my little assistant. I often have to be underwater for 15 hours a day, but when I am with my children and doing the things I love, it’s like taking a shot every day. It\’s not enough for Tiger and I to just have moral support. At first, I couldn’t even buy swimming diapers for babies in the water, so I could only carry them back from Canada in packages. And parents don’t understand even more: You can just take your children to play, why don’t you let me rest on the side? Why don\’t we have to go into the water too? Probably only those who have been to Muchi can understand how wonderful it is to swim in the water with your children. The water temperature is 30-33°C all year round, neither too cold nor too hot; the water system is continuously circulated 24 hours a day, and using drinking water as the standard disinfection technology, you can even take a sip. The indoor temperature is maintained at 28°C, so there is no need to worry about the baby catching a cold just after getting out of the water. The fresh air system installed can also effectively filter PM2.5. We refuse to allow parents to \”hold up their mobile phones to take pictures and praise how awesome it is\”. Everyone has to get into the water. Rest assured, every one-to-one coach is Austswim certified. It is the only water safety education institution in the world that has obtained ISO certification, so there is no need to worry about \”professional issues\”. The mother can let go and look at the child who cannot walk with worry and surprise, bravely breaking through the obstacles of the water and coming to your side; the child-friendly father can play with the child and is not afraid of hurting the child in the water. There will be no one muttering \”Careful, little one\”Heart! \”What impressed me the most was that I met a mother who was a strong career woman. She felt that she could control everything. She still traveled frequently on business after the birth of her child, and the child was looked after by the elderly and nannies. When she took her child to swim for the first time, she suddenly The child in the water began to cry loudly and asked for a nanny; the second time he went into the water, he still asked for a nanny. As soon as the proud mother walked out of the swimming area, she began to sob and cry. She suddenly realized that she had lost her daughter. And in After that, this mother never missed time to take her children swimming. Because this short half-hour of parent-child swimming, the company, care and constant communication of parents with their children cannot be replaced by anyone. Because the children may still They can\’t express it, but they can feel the love. We have also set up a Little Dolphin Student Aid Fund to help babies with cerebral palsy, autism, and premature babies…More and more parents, from initial opposition to hesitation, Finally, you agree with and spontaneously offer Amway to the people around you. You may not have imagined that the people swimming past you just now were Xiao Taohong and her daughter; when you get ashore, you will find that Liu Ye is walking over with Nuoyi; Yao Chen, Wu Jing and other popular stars in the entertainment industry are also Mu Qi\’s old friends. You see, even if they are very busy and tired from filming, they still insist on accompanying their children to swim, relax and play together, because companionship really cannot be outsourced. When Dong Qing talked about education, he was very firm and emotional: \”What kind of person you want your children to be is very simple, you just need to become that person yourself first. \”But what I\’m afraid of is that we don\’t have time to spend with our children, and the children don\’t know what kind of person you are. This is the meaning of Muqi\’s existence. The emotional exchange between parents and children is always more important than swimming itself. Compared to me, Tiger and his sister sometimes prefer dad. They always say that they like dad who is like the sun, \”That\’s so cool!\” \”However, how many people still think that dad is just a superfluous role? How many people only have grandma and nanny in their childhood? Muqi has opened nine branches, but for Beijing\’s children and future parents-to-be, , is not enough. So I launched this crowdfunding, hoping that more parents can participate in parent-child swimming and lay the foundation for their children\’s future. My mother-in-law once said: \”You should be able to Distinguish what you can change and what you cannot change; and for those things you can change, you must go all out to change it. \”This time, I want to change with you.

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