To every mother who sleeps with you, the whole world owes you a hug

A few nights ago, I was typing at my desk. It was almost 10 o\’clock, and my son was still yelling. What did I think was wrong? Go over and take a look. It turned out that he was asking his mother to continue telling the story. The mother who kept shouting \”Mom, Mom, get up, get up!\” The mother who couldn\’t bear the torture was probably at her wits\’ end. The last weapon – \”playing dead\” mode has been activated. Let the little guy make trouble and lie motionless. This requires a lot of endurance and endurance. I saw that it was very late, so I patted my son\’s little head and asked him to go to bed early. Tell him \”I don\’t want to hear any more noises, otherwise daddy will punish you.\” At the critical moment, I can only come to the rescue. You know, he will torture this poor mother in various ways next. For example, picking out the nostrils and ears. Pull your eyelids and pull your mouth. Smell your smelly socks for mom. Jump on her and sit on her hard with your big butt. This action is too dangerous and is rarely used after we warned her many times. Another trick is to give my mother artificial respiration, sometimes smearing her face with saliva and nose. The little guy has so many ways to torture people that it’s overwhelming. Usually when I am not busy, I will tell my son stories before going to bed and then put him to sleep. He has been used to the lullaby I sang for a few months, and the effect is very good. A song called \”Farewell\” and a song called \”Castle in the Sky\” are relatively quiet songs. And for sleeping with you. Falling asleep is only the first step. Really sleeping with someone is the real test. And this task falls on the mother. It is said that maternal love is great, just above all these little things. Before becoming a mother, my wife could sleep until dawn. But since I became a mother, I hardly get a full night\’s sleep with my child. So, I also proposed that everyone take care of one night. Take turns to work and sleep with you. As a result, the plan was canceled within a few days. Because no matter how attentive a father is, he cannot match the attentiveness of a mother. Often when I was fast asleep at night, my child would slip out of bed and freeze. The child\’s mother was so impatient that she no longer dared to entrust me with such an important task. But now I stay up late at night writing manuscripts and take care of my baby during the day. The burden of sleeping with him at night will continue to be borne by his wife. I only look forward to letting the children sleep in separate rooms in the second half of this year. I don’t know what kind of trouble and worry it will be at that time. During the first three years of a child’s life. Children\’s need for maternal love is strong. Being in mom\’s arms is different from being in dad\’s arms. So when my son was just born. You can sleep next to your mother at night so there won\’t be any noise, and every night a mother has to get up to feed her baby. In the beginning it was two or three times a night. Not only did he not sleep, he also had his head down and his body bent over. The result of long-term breastfeeding is a \”hunchback\”. Nowadays, we can all see the sequelae of breastfeeding. And I can’t fall asleep while breastfeeding. I remember there was a family in our hometown at that time. It was because my wife fell asleep while breastfeeding. The child\’s nose and mouth were pressed and he was suffocated. The family was devastated. I talked to my wife about it at that time. She is even more careful every night. me either. When I sleep with my son, sometimes the child breathes lightly. Unconsciously, you will reach out and touch your child\’s nose and mouth. Check to see if you are breathing. I think many parents have done this. If we were asked to choose this worldWhat job requires the most patience and perseverance? Being a mother is definitely on the list. Take sleeping with you as an example. Night after night, every day. There is no room for sloppiness. You have to cover yourself in the spring, and worry about the child without a quilt. It’s too hot in the summer, so I have to worry about not covering my stomach, especially in an air-conditioned room. The weather gets cooler in autumn, and it’s easy to catch a cold while kicking under the quilt. In winter, children can no longer kick the quilt, but they are worried about the child being cold, so they always have to wrap the child in a quilt to feel relieved. Because if the child is sick and has a cold. Then sleeping together directly escalated into a battle. I can\’t say that I sleep with him because I don\’t dare to sleep with him at all. Take the child\’s temperature, change the fever-reducing patch, and give medicine every few hours. If you have a high fever that doesn\’t go away, and you look at that scary thermometer reading, you wonder if you should go to the hospital. While you are worried, you also need to be clear-headed. Every mother is like this. Silent and great, only those who understand know this great difficulty. If a girl becomes a mother. Please forget about the old woman. At that time, she was delicate and pitiable, but now she is often as strong as a tiger. \”A woman is weak by nature, but a mother is strong.\” This woman can do anything for her children. There was a mother during the Wenchuan earthquake. When rescue workers found her, she was already dead. Her death posture could be seen through the gaps in the pile of rubble, with her knees on her knees and her hands on the ground to support her body. Some of them are like the ancient people kneeling down to worship. When the rescuers carefully cleared away the rubble that was blocking her, they found the child lying under her body, wrapped in a small red quilt with yellow flowers. He was about 3 or 4 months old. Because the mother\’s body was sheltering He was uninjured, and when he was taken out, he was still sleeping peacefully. The accompanying doctor came over to untie the quilt and prepare to do some examinations. He found a mobile phone stuffed under the quilt. The doctor subconsciously looked at the screen of the phone and found a text message that had been written on the screen: \”Dear baby, if you can live, You must remember that I love you.\” The doctor who was used to seeing separation and death shed tears at this moment. This is maternal love. I feel like the world owes a lot to mothers. If you ask a mother what does she need? Many mothers’ wish is not to buy gold and silver jewelry or fashionable clothes. Not even perfume or cosmetics. Instead, get a good night\’s sleep. Really have a good sleep without any worries. So, really love your wife. Then take care of your children more often. So, you ask a woman why she doesn’t want to have a second child? Please first take a look at how she walked through this journey of motherhood. If a woman is willing to have a second child. It was really out of love. Because it hurts once and it hurts again, it’s not just courage. My wife said, \”When I first gave birth to a child, I felt that the day of delivery was the most painful and painful. Later I learned that raising a child is the most painful and tiring. Especially the first year after the child is born.\” With deep respect and Love understands the difficulties of every mother. To every mother who sleeps with you, the whole world owes you a hug. Because you gave your children the most perfect love. Nothing can replace it.

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