• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

We must change! Five wrong riding behaviors that are fatal to children!

Today we talk about the topic of children’s safety in cars. For children, riding in a car is very different from that of adults. Many wrong riding methods can cause very serious injuries to children, and even endanger their lives! Common erroneous behaviors of children in cars: 1. Riding in the arms of adults. In an emergency, even if the adult holds the child firmly, the child may be crushed when the parent leans forward under the influence of external force. At the same time, the child\’s neck may also be fatally injured due to strong impact during emergency braking. 2. Riding in the passenger seat. Many people often let their children sit in the passenger seat when driving. This is very dangerous. The seat belt is designed for adults and cannot bind children to the seat. In an emergency, the strong inertia is likely to cause the child to fly out of the front windshield. At the same time, the airbag in front of the passenger seat is designed for adults. If the airbag explodes in an emergency, the airbag that was supposed to save lives will become fatal to the child. 3. Feed children while driving. If there is an emergency and the car brakes suddenly, the child will choke on the food and suffocate. 4. Allow children to stick their bodies out of the side window or sunroof of the car. When driving on the road, we occasionally encounter children who stick their hands or heads out of the side window or sunroof while the car is driving. With the side windows sticking out, it is easy to be pinched by overtaking vehicles or roadside obstacles. There are even tragic cases of heads being pinched off when sticking out. It is easy to be hit by hanging objects or flying foreign objects when you stick out the skylight. In short, the consequences of an accident will be disastrous. 5. Leave the child alone in the car. The air in the car is not circulated and contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, which will cause harm to the child\’s body. In addition, every year during the hot summer, there are news reports of tragedies involving children who were left behind and died of suffocation due to overheating in the carriage. When a vehicle is closed in summer, the temperature inside the vehicle can rise to over 50 degrees in just ten minutes. The correct way for children to ride in a car: in the rear seat in a quality and correctly installed child seat and secure it.

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