What are the 25 words that American babies need to know by the age of two?

Some mothers asked: It has been a while since the baby started learning English. How do you know if you have done enough? How much English does your baby need to output to reach the level of bilingual education? The effect of bilingual enlightenment mainly depends on two aspects, one is the ability to understand, and the second is the ability to speak. If the baby starts talking and can speak Chinese as well as individual English words, it is a manifestation of bilingual awareness. Some time ago, a professor from Bryn Mawr College in the United States announced the 25 English words that are the earliest and most commonly used by two-year-old children: MommyDaddyBabyMilkJuiceHelloBye-byeYesNoDogCatBallNoseEyeBananaCookieCarHotThank youBathShoeHatBookMoreAll gone Su Ma has classified it for everyone and compiled it as follows: If you If you plan to accompany your baby to become bilingual, but don’t know how to start, you can try teaching your baby the above words first. In fact, these basic vocabulary can be found in the picture books recommended by Su\’s mother before, such as Where is Baby\’s Belly Button, which covers basic body parts, as well as words such as shoe and hat; Good Night Teddy and Baby Night In -night, mommy, daddy, bath, and book all appear in the baby\’s bedtime routine. In fact, if you carefully read the English enlightenment picture books recommended by Su’s mother, you will find that the frequency of these 25 words in it is very high. If you read it several times a day, your baby will become familiar with it. When I first read English picture books with Su Bao, I would only explain to her the meaning of one word on each page. For example, there is a sentence in a certain picture book: Baby has a blue hat. I will guide Su Bao to understand these words like this: First, because baby is a very commonly used word, I will point to the baby in the book and say to her, baby. Wait until she can understand the word (the definition of understand is, When I say the word baby, she will point to the baby in the book), and I will teach her hat next time. Because color recognition is more difficult than ordinary object name recognition, I will teach blue last. In this way, according to the difficulty of the word Depending on the level of ease, break up the sentences in the picture book and teach them to your baby bit by bit. Then she will learn them step by step and easily digest them. Although these 25 words are commonly used words summarized by experts, it does not mean that the baby\’s English enlightenment can only be limited to these words. For example, among the 25 words is banana. If your baby likes eating apples, it would be better to teach apple first. Any words that are similar in difficulty to these 25 words can be used as the starting point for English enlightenment. The words shared in today’s article are commonly used by babies in English-speaking countries when they are two years old. However, this does not mean that every baby must learn these words at the age of two, because some families have not started English learning at the age of two.Mongolian. Don’t let your late introduction to English become a reason to give up on English enlightenment. Some children who only started learning English in elementary school can get close to their native language proficiency through practice. come on

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