What are the benefits of eating eggs for pregnant women to the fetus?

Regarding the diet of pregnant women, a saying we often hear is \”one person eats and two people eat\”, so we often hear others advising pregnant women like this, \”Eat more, eat more. If you don\’t eat, the baby will still eat.\” . Indeed, nutritional needs after pregnancy are higher than before pregnancy, because these nutrients must not only satisfy the pregnant woman herself, but also provide them to the fetus. Many pregnant women or their family members will try to get pregnant mothers to eat more nutritious food, no matter how expensive it is. In fact, supplementing nutrition for expectant mothers does not necessarily require expensive nutritional supplements. There is a nutritious, delicious and affordable food that can also achieve the same effect, and that is eggs. I remember that my lazy mother went to the hospital for a nutritional checkup around five months into her pregnancy. After the checkup, the doctor also gave dietary recommendations, one of which was to eat one egg and two walnuts every day. What are the benefits of eating eggs every day for pregnant women? ▶Let’s first take a look at the nutritional content of eggs. Each 100 grams of eggs contains 12.58 grams of protein, which is equivalent to the protein content of 50 grams of fish or lean meat. Moreover, the protein in eggs is very close to human body protein, so it is easily absorbed by the human body. The rate can be as high as 98%. Each 100 grams of eggs also contains 11 to 15 grams of fat. These fats are mainly concentrated in the yolk. Some pregnant women do not like to eat egg yolk, but in fact, egg yolk is also rich in lecithin, lecithin and various minerals and vitamins, including Calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins, etc. You see, the nutrition of eggs is not very good. It seems that there are only what you want and nothing it does not have. Eggs also have the reputation of \”complete nutritional food\” and are really high quality and cheap. The key is that it is very convenient. You can buy a bag of it and keep it in the refrigerator for several days without having to buy it every day. ▶There are great benefits for pregnant women to eat eggs: 1. They can supplement nutrition. Eggs are relatively rich in nutrients, and pregnant women need more nutrients. One supply and one demand just form a good combination. Eating an appropriate amount of eggs during pregnancy can help pregnant women supplement various nutrients needed by the body. 2. Promote fetal development. The nutrients contained in eggs can also improve the function of the nervous system. Appropriate eating of eggs during pregnancy can also promote the development of the fetus. It is a good brain-building food for pregnant women and fetuses. How should pregnant women eat eggs? 1. Do not eat raw eggs. When pregnant women eat eggs, they should cook them. Do not eat raw eggs, because there are more bacteria on the surface of the egg shell, and it is easy to get these bacteria into the stomach when eating raw eggs. Moreover, raw eggs are not easy to digest and will also affect the absorption of protein. In this case, they will not be able to supplement the nutrients needed by pregnant mothers. Therefore, it is best to boil the eggs and eat them. You can boil eggs directly, scramble eggs, steam smooth eggs, etc. Just cook them in the way you like. The simplest is boiled eggs. You don’t need to add anything, and you don’t need any cooking skills. Just put the eggs in cold water and boil them for five minutes. What I usually eat more often is scrambled eggs with tomatoes, scrambled eggs with leeks, and scrambled eggs with shrimps. They are really versatile. In 2023, the latest and most complete catalog of VIP courses from famous teachers in various disciplines is available on the Internet.All, click to view now! 2. Pay attention to the daily amount. Although eggs are so good, we cannot eat them every day just because they are good or because they are delicious. No matter how good they are, excessive amounts will be counterproductive. The right amount is the best. It is best to only eat one to two eggs every day. Two eggs are about 100 grams and are already rich in nutrients. Other nutrients needed can be obtained from other foods. If you eat too many eggs, you may not be able to absorb that much, which may lead to overnutrition and indigestion due to too much. After all, the protein content in eggs is relatively high and difficult to digest. My best friend really likes eating eggs. After she got pregnant, the doctor told her to eat one egg a day. At first, she kept listening to the doctor\’s advice. But because she loved eating them so much, one day a large bowl of scrambled eggs was cooked at home, leaving her almost alone. I ate it, but soon after I vomited it all out again. The vomiting was so painful that she was afraid to take another bite of eggs for two weeks. It seems that eating too much is really bad. 3. When to eat eggs When we eat eggs, it is best to choose the time in the morning and noon, so that there will be more time for digestion and absorption, especially for some pregnant women with poor gastrointestinal function. 4. There is no need to worry too much about farm eggs or feed eggs. I heard a saying somewhere that farm eggs are more nutritious than feed eggs, so a small local egg sells for 1.5-2 yuan. Putting aside the question of whether they are expensive or not, if it is just for the nutritional content, in fact, free-range eggs and feed eggs are the same. There is no saying that one is better or the other is worse. If you just want to increase nutrition, either one is fine. However, some pregnant women will smell a strange fishy smell when eating eggs from feed chickens and cannot eat them. The taste of free-range eggs will be better. If you can\’t eat feed eggs or you are pursuing the taste, then just choose free-range eggs. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear, full-color PDF. Generally speaking, a small egg has relatively comprehensive nutrition and contains more nutrients needed by the human body. If a pregnant mother can insist on eating one egg every day, It will have a better effect on the nutritional needs throughout pregnancy and fetal development. But pregnant mothers should have more comprehensive nutrition, so they should also eat appropriate amounts of other foods.

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