What are the benefits of pregnancy for women?

Many young female friends feel a little worried when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. \”Afraid of getting stretch marks\”, \”Afraid of losing shape\”, it seems that pregnancy will only bring many \”disadvantages\” to girls. In the tenth month of pregnancy, the mother\’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it becomes more and more inconvenient to move. She not only faces a lot of physical troubles, but also a lot of psychological suffering. Although the entire pregnancy was filled with a lot of joy and anticipation, it must be said that it was also very torturous at the same time. After finally giving birth, I thought I would be relieved, but at the same time, it also added a lot of new troubles to the mother. Stretch marks, a big belly, severe body deformation, insufficient milk supply and other conditions really give mothers a headache. Are there really only “disadvantages” and no “benefits” to pregnancy? Recently, my colleague Ms. Wang chatted with us and said that after giving birth to her baby, she unconsciously fell into depression. She would call her best friend every day and complain: \”What should I do? You don\’t even know how fat I am now? No.\” Before I got pregnant, I weighed 105 pounds and now I weigh 135. What should I do? I can’t even wear the clothes I used to wear.” My best friend didn’t know what to say when she heard this. After confinement, the two sisters finally met. Before Ms. Wang could complain, her best friend\’s words immediately stunned Ms. Wang: \”I said you are a person who calls me all day long to complain about being ugly. You have become fatter. I thought you had become something, and I had been mentally prepared for a long time. I didn’t expect that you would be more beautiful than before when we met! Your skin is much better than before. See for yourself. Isn\’t your skin more delicate and whiter? And your body is not fat at all, it is plump. Compared with the skinny body before, it still looks more pleasing to the eye now.\” After hearing this, Ms. Wang also I was dubious, and finally asked a few friends to confirm that I had really become more beautiful. In fact, pregnancy is not the only \”disadvantage\” for women. Boys can only envy the benefits it brings to them. 1. Make women look more beautiful. First, after giving birth, you can make women look more beautiful. The first point is the skin problem that women are very concerned about. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Whether it is due to changes in hormones in the body or due to a healthy and regular diet, girls\’ skin will basically be greatly improved. Not only will it be more delicate, but it will also look more rosy and complex, making women look more beautiful. . Not only that, pregnancy and childbirth will even promote a woman’s secondary growth, making her breasts bigger, her figure plump, and her overall temperament also becoming better. 2. Reduce the incidence of various gynecological diseases. In other words, it can reduce the incidence of various female diseases. Scientific research shows that after a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth, hormones in her body change, and many antibodies appear, which greatly increases the body\’s immunity. Especially it has a great defensive effect on ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and endometriosis, greatly reducing the incidence of various gynecological diseases and making women healthier. 3. It can even relieve menstrual crampsIt can also relieve dysmenorrhea problems for women with problems after giving birth. Of course, this generally refers to women who gave birth naturally. Because during the process of normal delivery, certain pain points in the uterus are also directly eliminated, which will naturally relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, many women are surprised to find that they no longer have dysmenorrhea after giving birth, which is very gratifying. 4. Make women’s heart function healthier. The last one is that pregnancy and childbirth can make women’s heart function healthier. Because during pregnancy, the blood circulation system in the mother\’s body basically increases by more than 40%, which invisibly increases the burden on the heart. It is precisely because of the increased burden on the heart that the heart\’s ability to withstand stress becomes stronger and stronger. After giving birth, the heart will also become healthier. Not only that, during pregnancy, it will also bring certain trace substances to the heart to protect the normal operation of the heart. Sometimes, people only see their own shortcomings and fail to notice the subtle changes in the body. In particular, women are more concerned about fatness and loose skin, so once their figure is out of shape and their abdominal skin is loose, they will be very anxious, thinking that pregnancy has made them no longer beautiful. In fact, mothers ignore the beauty that pregnancy brings to themselves. Women who have given birth to children and women who have not given birth have different concerns about temperament and beauty. Pregnancy brings not only disadvantages to women, but also advantages that they have not discovered before. It will also make women healthier and more attractive.

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