What are the benefits of taking folic acid to the fetus?

What are the benefits of folic acid to the fetus? Folic acid is a type of vitamin, also known as pteroylglutamic acid. Mothers who insist on taking an appropriate amount of folic acid every day can effectively prevent fetal malformations and greatly reduce the incidence of major surface malformations, congenital heart disease, congenital cleft lip and other diseases. Taking folic acid can enhance the resistance of pregnant women, reduce the incidence of tumors, reduce pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, reduce the possibility of women suffering from high blood pressure, and can also reduce the possibility of spontaneous miscarriage in pregnant women. According to the \”Guidelines for Dietary Nutrient Intake of Chinese Residents\”, it is recommended that expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy should supplement 400ug of folic acid per day. For pregnant women, it is recommended to supplement 600ug of folic acid per day throughout pregnancy, and 550ug of folic acid per day during lactation. In other words, folic acid needs to be supplemented starting 3 months before preparing for pregnancy and continuing until the end of lactation. For adult women, the tolerable maximum intake of folic acid given by the Chinese Nutrition Society is 1,000ug. In other words, even if you supplement folic acid, it is not recommended to exceed 1,000ug per day.

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