What are the benefits of walking during pregnancy for the fetus?

When you are pregnant with your baby, you should not miss out on exercise… Moderate scientific exercise can bring many benefits to pregnant mothers. A mother asked: \”What is a safe and convenient way to exercise when you are pregnant with your baby?\” That is – walking. There are many benefits of walking during pregnancy 01 Walking during pregnancy can control weight. Many younger generation pregnant mothers are afraid that all the nutrients after pregnancy will turn into fat and wrap around themselves, which will make their original slim figure lose shape, so they will choose to walk or even briskly walk to control it. Excess caloric intake. 02 Walking during pregnancy can relieve fatigue. Proper exercise during pregnancy is helpful to promote blood circulation and increase the oxygen content in the blood. It is very important to eliminate physical fatigue and discomfort during pregnancy. In addition, appropriate exercise can also enhance the appetite of pregnant mothers, provide adequate nutritional supplements to the fetus, and promote the healthy development of the fetus. 03 Walking during pregnancy can help with childbirth. Exercise during pregnancy can provide pregnant mothers with sufficient physical strength for a smooth delivery. It is also very helpful for pregnant mothers to quickly restore their figure after delivery. Despite its many benefits, do you think walking is just about walking? In fact, there are still these things to pay attention to ~ How to walk correctly 01 In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother has just implanted in the uterus because the fertilized egg has not yet implanted in the uterus. At this time, the fetus is very unstable in the mother\’s belly. By the second month, the embryo will develop into a fetus. However, the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall at this time is not very strong, which can easily cause the placenta to fall off, increasing the risk of miscarriage. 40-week pregnancy manual download [PDF+TXT version] Therefore, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, in order to ensure that the fertilized egg can successfully \”camp\” in the mother\’s belly and grow into a healthy and developing fetus, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest. You must not walk too much or work too hard, and do moderate and appropriate exercise to relax your body and mind. 02 In the third trimester, the fetus in the third trimester has grown larger, and the pregnant mother’s belly is also very obvious. Long-term walking will cause irregular uterine contractions, which are strong and sometimes weak. Therefore, unscrupulous exercise during the previous pregnancy requires Stopped. Many mothers will have false contractions and a hard stomach when walking. At this time, they must sit down and rest. Excessive walking and improper exercise in the third trimester of pregnancy will accelerate the frequency of uterine contractions, make the stomach tighten, and in severe cases may lead to pain and bleeding, which will have a negative impact on the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. Things to do when taking a walk during pregnancy~01 Get enough water before taking a walk. You should prepare water to drink. During your walk, you must stay hydrated to prevent dehydration. If you walk on an empty stomach, you will get tired easily, so you must eat something before walking for an hour. 02 When you are fully rested and your body is tired, you must not walk blindly. During the walk, you must adjust the speed appropriately according to your physical condition, so as to improve the effect of walking prenatal education. When you are physically tired or emotionally depressed, you must get enough rest. 03 Road selection If you are pregnant, your joints will relax, so your feet will become sore easily. When walking, it\’s best to walk on flat ground. In addition, walking uphill or downhill will increase the burden on the abdomen, so it is recommended to walk on a flat dirt road or lawn. 04 Breathing method: Want to breathe a lotFresh air, you must pay attention to the breathing method. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You can practice your breathing technique by walking. 05 Correct posture When walking, correct posture is very important. If you walk with your head down, it will increase the burden on your neck and shoulders, so open your chest and walk while looking ahead. Don\’t take too big a step, and move your feet regularly. Warm reminder: Appropriate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to the fetus and the pregnant mother. It is good for pregnant women to take a walk, but special attention should be paid to it in the early and late stages of pregnancy. Improper methods can harm the fetus. Therefore, it needs to be performed under the guidance of an obstetrician.

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