What are the benefits to the fetus if pregnant women eat fish?

Nowadays, many people are aware of the importance of eating fish to health. For example, eating fish by pregnant women may help the brain development of the fetus. Who doesn’t want to give birth to a healthy and smart baby? What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF? However, many pregnant mothers are worried that fish may be contaminated with heavy metal mercury, which may affect the health of their babies. So, how to eat fish correctly during pregnancy? Next, let’s take a look at 1. The benefits of eating fish during pregnancy. As part of a healthy eating pattern, fish and shellfish can provide us with a variety of important nutrients, including: ★ High-quality protein, iron ★ Omega-3 fatty acids (Fish and shellfish are the main dietary sources of DHA and EPA) ★ Vitamin B12 and vitamin D (the content of which is higher than any other food) ★ Other minerals, such as selenium, zinc, iodine, etc., have been shown by many studies , these nutrients in fish and shellfish contribute to the growth and development of fetuses and infants. Some studies have also found that fish consumption during pregnancy may prevent premature birth. For the general population, eating fish may also benefit heart health and reduce the risk of obesity. 2. What kind of fish is good to eat during pregnancy? 1 Crucian carp Crucian carp is extremely rich in and extremely high-quality protein, so it is very easy for the human body to digest after absorption. Therefore, it can help the human body promote wound healing and improve its own immunity. Pregnant mothers often eat crucian carp not only to replenish the body, but also promote the development of the baby\’s brain. Recommended recipe: Carp and Tofu Soup 2. Carp is prone to coughing during pregnancy. Pregnant women eating some carp in moderation can not only appetize, reduce swelling, and detoxify, but most importantly, it can relieve cough and asthma. 200 Examples of Nutritional Recipes for Pregnant Women for 3 Months in Ultra-clear and Full-Color PDF The best way to make carp soup is to make carp soup. Carp soup is delicious and nutritious, and is suitable for both pregnant women and babies. Recommended recipes: Stewed Carp with Red Dates and Black Beans 3 Seabass Seabass is rich in protein, multiple vitamins and elements needed by the human body. It is a very good tonic food. Pregnant women eating some sea bass in moderation can cure fetal dysphoria, replenish blood and strengthen the spleen. Not only will eating sea bass prevent you from gaining weight, it can also replenish copper in the body. Recommended recipe: Steamed seabass 4 black fish During pregnancy, it is also critical for the expectant mother to replenish blood, especially during childbirth, when there is a huge demand for blood. Black fish soup has a very good blood-enriching effect and is very suitable for consumption during pregnancy. Combined with yam and wolfberry, it can also nourish the spleen and remove dampness, clear away heat and detoxify, and nourish the liver and kidneys. Not only that, but it can also help pregnant women give birth more smoothly. Recommended recipe: Yam, wolfberry and black fish soup 3. Precautions for eating fish during pregnancy 1. Pregnant women should not eat tuna frequently. Eating tuna frequently can easily lead to fetal malformations. 2. Pregnant women should not eat shark, mackerel, swordfish and tilefish. The mercury content in these fish is relatively high. After mercury enters the body of pregnant women, it can damage the central nervous system of the fetus. Special reminder: Pregnant women should eat fish, but it is best not to take fish oil, because fish oil will affect blood coagulation function. Pregnant women eating too much may increase the chance of bleeding. In addition, pregnant women should not eat canned tuna, salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish, fish gall, dead turtle, and eel. Fish meat is very nutritious and contains a large amount of minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements. Therefore, it is a good thing for pregnant mothers to eat more fish, but they must also pay attention to \”\”How to eat\”, otherwise, it may be the fetus that suffers.

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