What are the best calcium supplement foods for pregnant women?

After pregnancy, I believe that many expectant mothers have heard most from people around them that they should supplement folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy and pay attention to calcium supplements throughout pregnancy. In fact, in order to ensure the health of yourself and your fetus during pregnancy, it is very important to supplement calcium. Why should we take calcium supplements during pregnancy? Calcium is an essential mineral for the human body and the main component of teeth and bones. Calcium ions are one of the necessary factors for blood to maintain a certain degree of coagulation. It is also an activator of many important enzymes in the body. Calcium can maintain the normal development of the fetal brain and bones as well as the body. The purpose of calcium supplementation during pregnancy is to balance the nutrition of the expectant mother during pregnancy, while supplying nutrients to the fetus and maintaining substances necessary for the growth of the fetus. Pregnant mothers go to the hospital for prenatal check-ups. Generally, doctors will prescribe some calcium supplement products to pregnant women based on their specific conditions. In addition to calcium supplements prescribed by doctors, dietary supplements are of course the best way to supplement calcium during pregnancy. What should I take to supplement calcium during pregnancy? Share 5 calcium supplement recipes for expectant mothers, which are delicious, nutritious and not greasy. 1. Ingredients for tofu and sea bass soup: 1 boneless sea bass, 200 grams of tofu, 3 mushrooms, appropriate amounts of ginger slices and salt. Method: ➊Wash the boneless seabass, cut into pieces and set aside; cut the tofu into pieces; soak the mushrooms, remove the stems and cut them in half. ❷Put the ginger slices into a pot, add water to boil, add mushrooms, tofu, and boneless seabass pieces, stew until cooked, add salt to taste. Reason for recommendation: Tofu is rich in plant protein and calcium, which is easy to digest. It is also low in calories; seabass has a nourishing effect on the body. This soup is suitable for consumption throughout pregnancy. 2. Ingredients for Shrimp and Winter Mushroom Soup: fresh shrimp, small winter melon, eggs (take the egg white), appropriate amounts of ginger slices, salt, sugar, and sesame oil. Method: ➊Wash the fresh shrimps, remove the shrimp lines, steam for 8 minutes, take out the shrimp meat; wash the winter melon, peel it, cut into small pieces, add ginger slices and appropriate amount of water and simmer for 15 minutes until soft. ❷Add shrimp meat, add salt and serve. Season with sugar and sesame oil, pour in egg white and cook briefly. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF Recommended Reason: This dish can not only supplement calcium and provide calories for the growth of the fetus, but also relieve edema in the late pregnancy of expectant mothers. 3. Ingredients for shrimp skin and seaweed soup: 50 grams of seaweed, 1 egg, appropriate amounts of shrimp skin, coriander, salt, chopped green onion, minced ginger, and sesame oil. Method: ➊Wash the shrimp skin and seaweed, tear the seaweed into small pieces; knock the eggs into a bowl and break them up; wash the coriander and cut into small pieces. ❷Heat the oil pan, add minced ginger and fry briefly, add dried shrimps and fry briefly, add appropriate amount of water and bring to a boil, pour in the egg liquid, cook for a while, then add seaweed, when it boils again, add coriander, salt, chopped green onion, sesame oil That’s it. Reason for recommendation: Seaweed and dried shrimps are both calcium-supplementing foods during pregnancy, which can promote the growth of the baby\’s bones and are also beneficial to the brain development of the baby. 4. Ingredients for yogurt pudding: appropriate amounts of yogurt, milk, diced fruits of various colors, and white sugar. Method: ➊Add appropriate amount of sugar to milk and boil it, let it cool, then add yogurt, pour it into a glass container and mix well. ❷Add various diced fruits and refrigerate to promote solidification. But let it cool to room temperature before eating. Reason for recommendation: The calcium in yogurt pudding comes from dairy products. This is a snack that is easy for pregnant mothers to absorb and is appetizing and nutritious. 5. Ingredients for milk, white fungus and millet porridge: 200 grams of millet, half a bag of fresh milk (120 ml), 3 white fungus, and appropriate amount of sugar. practice:➊Wash the white fungus and cut into small florets; wash the millet thoroughly. ❷Add an appropriate amount of water to the millet and cook until it is cooked, add the white fungus and continue to cook for 20 minutes, pour in the milk, and add an appropriate amount of sugar to the pot. Reason for recommendation: Tremella is rich in a variety of minerals, including high calcium and iron content. When eaten with milk and millet, it not only supplements calcium, but is also a good nutritional supplement for pregnant mothers.

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