What are the causes of fetal growth retardation and fetal malformations?

Pregnancy represents the birth of a new life and the imminent arrival of a \”little angel\”, which undoubtedly makes many families very happy and excited. However, pregnancy does not mean that the process is \”smooth sailing\” and will bring happiness to every family. After all, there are many uncertainties in the pregnancy process. And these uncertainties are also a kind of risk, not only including the risks of raising a baby and giving birth, but during pregnancy, parents also need to be wary of fetal development delays and malformations. The so-called \”fetal development retardation\”, as the name suggests, means that the fetus lags behind the level of normal fetal development, grows slowly and is incompletely developed; the so-called \”fetal developmental malformation\” means that the child is born with defects, which will directly affect The child’s future life. Some time ago, after Ms. Yang, a neighbor in the community, gave birth to a baby, the whole family was dumbfounded. The baby had a short chin and half of his face was shrunken. He did not look like a normal baby at all. Pregnancy and childbirth are such a joyful and exciting event. The whole family has been looking forward to this little life for ten months, but they did not expect to receive such an ending, which directly pushed the family into tragedy. My mother-in-law also kept crying to the doctor, why is this happening? Why is this happening? Finally, the doctor gave an explanation: \”It is difficult to guarantee 100% effectiveness for any examination. Currently, there is no clear answer to fetal malformations and delays, but the development of the fetus and the eating habits and health of pregnant women during pregnancy are closely related. The appearance of the fetus Such deformity problems are caused by pregnant women having some \”bad\” habits and behaviors during pregnancy.\” After hearing the doctor\’s analysis, Ms. Yang quickly thought of her irregular living habits and drinking some red wine after meals. I was used to it, but I didn\’t expect that it would cause a lifetime of regret to the child, and I started to cry because of myself. After the child is born, the body is basically set, but the foundation of the fetus\’s physical development is obtained from the mother\’s body. If the mother does not pay attention to her diet and behavior during pregnancy, resulting in underdevelopment or malformation of the fetus, it will be too late for the mother to regret it. So I hope this incident can serve as a reminder to other pregnant mothers: ①: Don’t take chances and think that abnormal or slow fetal development will not happen to you. ②: Don’t think that others who drank and smoked during pregnancy gave birth to healthy children, and your own will have no problems. ③: Everyone’s physique is different. Don’t easily compare other people’s experiences with your own. In fact, if you want a healthy and smart baby, expectant fathers and mothers should \”regulate\” their physical condition and eliminate \”bad habits\” as early as before pregnancy and during pregnancy preparation, so as to lay a solid \”foundation\”. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy should still try to control their diet and behavior, for the health of their children and for themselves not to regret it in the future. If you have these bad habits before and during pregnancy, it is very likely that your baby will have problems, so mothers must pay attention! 1. Long-term exposure to high-radiation electronic products After pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers continue to work, sitting in the office every day, working non-stop in front of computers or other electronic products, even after returning home.Check your phone constantly. Many female friends use their mobile phones in a posture where they are half-sitting on the sofa, with their mobile phones on their stomachs and looking down at their mobile phones. In this way, the radiation from mobile phones can easily affect the development of the fetus. In this case, it is very likely that it will \”radiate\” to your own child, causing certain effects on the fetus, resulting in slow fetal growth and even the occurrence of malformations. 2. Unhealthy diet and irregular work and rest. In addition, if the pregnant mother has an unhealthy diet and irregular work and rest for a long time, it will also have an impact on the child. First of all, the diet is unhealthy. Eating various snacks for a long time or eating various roadside snacks. Safety and hygiene aside, various additives will definitely have an impact on children. If a pregnant woman does not have a large amount of nutritious food in her diet, it will be difficult for the fetus to develop healthily and well. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If parents have irregular work and rest schedules, it may even lead to changes in hormone levels in the body, which may lead to slow growth in the child. 3. Various bad habits can also lead to slow fetal development or deformity. Finally, as mentioned in the above case, if the mother usually has bad habits such as drinking or smoking, it will also have a certain impact on the child. For example, if alcohol directly enters the human bloodstream and even penetrates the placenta and comes into direct contact with the baby, how can it be possible that the fetus will not be affected? Severe cases may even cause fetal malformations. Therefore, if you want your child to be born safely and healthily, you should try your best to eliminate bad habits and manage yourself well, which is also responsible for the fetus. Have you noticed all this? In fact, as early as the pregnancy preparation stage, expectant parents should make efforts to adjust their living habits. Don\’t think that small-probability events such as slow fetal development or deformity will not happen to you. If you don\’t pay attention to it and don\’t take it seriously, it is very likely to lead to incomplete development of the child. This not only affects the entire family, but also affects the child\’s life. Therefore, I hope that every mother can pay attention to it, make good pre-pregnancy and prenatal preparations, have regular prenatal check-ups, maintain good work and rest habits and living habits, and maintain a peaceful and optimistic attitude. Finally, I hope that every mother can give birth to a healthy and cute baby safely, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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