What are the causes of picky eating during pregnancy? Does it affect the fetus?

Does a pregnant mother\’s picky eating and partial eclipse have any impact on the fetus? Australian and Norwegian scientists conducted a study at the same time. They surveyed more than 23,000 mothers and children. It was found that children born to women who had an unhealthy diet during pregnancy were more likely to suffer from psychological problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as behavioral problems such as aggression, ADHD and bad temper. Studies have also found that children who eat large amounts of junk food are more aggressive and have worse tempers. Researchers say this shows that nutrition early in life is critical for a child\’s mental health later in life. In the second half of the mother\’s pregnancy (27 to 40 weeks), the fetus drinks about 1 liter of amniotic fluid every day on average. In addition to water, amniotic fluid also contains fetal urine, salt, sugar, fatty acids, cholesterol, etc. Moreover, as the pregnant mother\’s diet changes, the taste of the amniotic fluid will also change. 9 1-minute education and 101 ways to raise an outstanding baby.mobi Dr. Menela and others from the Chemical Senses Institute of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a set of experiments (2001) to study the impact of tastes experienced during the fetus on the baby\’s response after weaning. What impact does taste preference have? The study came to a conclusion: the taste that babies have experienced in the mother\’s belly or soon after birth will be an important basis for them to choose the taste of solid food after weaning. If expectant mothers have unbalanced nutritional intake during pregnancy, which happens to be during the critical period of the development of the baby\’s nervous system, then it may also bring about some serious and even lifelong irreversible effects.

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