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What are the signs for pregnant women before giving birth?


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

It’s easy to say it’s easy to give birth once you’re ten months pregnant, but the whole process is extremely “painful” and “suffering.” Seeing the \”belly\” getting bigger day by day, the movements becoming slower day by day, the mental pressure and physical torture experienced by pregnant mothers are becoming more and more serious day by day, especially when the delivery period is approaching, it is even more unbearable. . After entering the third trimester of pregnancy, many women begin to become cautious and inexplicably nervous, fearing that their child will suddenly arrive at any moment and they will not be able to prepare. So I spent every day in inexplicable fear, not knowing when the child would arrive. The best friend in the case, Wang Xue, is a typical example. Seeing that she is more than nine months pregnant, she is terrified every day, fearing that the baby will suddenly arrive. Especially in the past few days, Wang Xue was not only worried about when the baby would come, but also faced a new problem: \”The secretions from the lower body have increased. Do I have any inflammation? Will it affect the delivery?\” This continued for several days, and Wang Xue couldn\’t bear it any longer. She went directly to the doctor for consultation and explained her situation: \”Doctor, I am more than nine months pregnant, and my secretions suddenly increased. I don\’t know what this is.\” Is this normal or abnormal?\” Hearing Wang Xue\’s worried words, the doctor also laughed directly: \”Actually, this is normal. Every woman will have a sudden increase in secretions before giving birth. This Because the baby is about to be born, the cervix is ​​slightly open, which will cause some cervical mucus to be discharged. As long as there is no special color or odor, this increase in secretions is actually very normal and should not be taken too seriously. Worry, labor will start in the next few days, so be prepared.\” Hearing the doctor\’s words, Wang Xue felt relieved. Sure enough, on the second day, the amniotic fluid broke directly, and the doctor also directly Wang Xue was pulled into the delivery room to carry out preparations before delivery and the specific process of delivery. In fact, this is the case. Pregnant mothers will have some signals before giving birth. If these signals appear, it basically means that the baby is about to be born. There is no mistake. How about the book \”Gold Medal Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download ultra clear [Precautions during confinement + Confinement recipes + Newborn care] 1. The pressure on the upper abdomen becomes smaller, and the first thing a mother feels relieved is the upper abdomen The pressure becomes smaller, and when the baby is about to be born, he has to go through a process of the fetal head entering the pelvis. As the name suggests, the baby\’s head enters the uterine cavity first, and then can be delivered through the birth canal. As a result, the pressure on the upper abdomen will inevitably be reduced, and the previous sense of oppression will no longer exist. The pregnant mother will feel a rare sense of relaxation, and even breathing and eating will become much smoother. 2. Pain in the lower abdomen and going to the toilet more frequently. Of course, while the upper abdomen is relaxed, it is because pressure is put on the lower abdomen. When the baby is about to be born, the fetal head enters the basin, and there will be a falling pain in the lower abdomen. At this time, the fetal pressure on the heart and stomach is directly transferred to the pressure on the bladder, which is likely to cause the mother to have frequent urination. Don\’t worry, this means that the baby is about to be born. 3. The appearance of red indicates that the baby is about to arriveIn addition to the changes in the abdomen, the fetus must experience redness before giving birth. The so-called redness is the bleeding of blood from a woman\’s lower body. Because when the child is in the uterus, the cervix secretes a large amount of cervical mucus. When the child is about to be born, this cervical mucus will be expelled from the body with bursts of uterine contractions, and will also be accompanied by a small amount of blood, commonly known as redness. , indicating that the child is about to be born. 4. When uterine contractions become regular, it means that the labor period is about to begin. In addition to the above three points, there is another very important sign that the child is about to be born, and that is the regularity of uterine contractions. Under normal circumstances, various irregular uterine contraction pains will appear half a month before delivery. Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF Gradually, this pain becomes more regular and the pain becomes more intense. When the contractions gradually become more regular and the pain becomes more intense, it is when the fetus is about to be born. After understanding the above points, many pregnant mothers can surely feel relieved. The birth of a child is not without warning, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry about not having time to prepare. Maintain a good attitude and actively cooperate with the doctor after entering the delivery room. I believe everyone can give birth to their own baby smoothly. I also hope that every child can be healthy and beautiful, and every family can be happy and harmonious.

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