What are the solutions to morning sickness?

Pregnant netizens often complain to me that their pregnancy has just begun and their belly is not even pregnant yet, so they encounter the big problem of morning sickness. I feel like a fairy who doesn\’t eat the fireworks of the world. As long as I eat a little bit of earthly food, I will vomit it out. Many people who have never experienced it may feel like laughing when they see such a description; but for people who have had the same experience, this is too real, and this is what happened when they were pregnant. When I was pregnant, I had severe morning sickness. Although I can\’t say that I will vomit after eating, I can still eat some light food. The main reason is that I can\’t smell the smell of the kitchen. As long as there is a little smell of oil smoke, I will definitely vomit. My husband happened to be on a business trip during that time, leaving me alone at home and having to cook for myself. If I don’t cook, I can’t eat. If I cook, I can’t eat. I never expected that I would be pregnant and encounter such a thing. At that time, I was very puzzled by morning sickness, and how miserable it was to be pregnant. I searched everywhere for information, and finally understood what morning sickness was. It turns out that morning sickness is a common phenomenon around 6 weeks into pregnancy and is caused by increased hormone levels in pregnant women. Normally, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, morning sickness will disappear on its own as hormone levels decline. Calculated in this way, morning sickness will not occur until about 3 months into pregnancy. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Morning sickness can cause pregnant women to eat poorly and their nutritional intake may be insufficient. Will this affect the fetus? As long as it\’s normal morning sickness, it won\’t happen. After all, the fetus at this time can only be said to be a fetus, with a length of 7.5 to 9 cm and a weight of about 20 grams. The normal diet of pregnant women is nutritious enough. However, morning sickness is very uncomfortable. After all, for pregnant women who have just become pregnant, they are already very nervous. Now that their bodies are also experiencing such discomfort, they will inevitably feel depressed. So, is there any way to relieve morning sickness? Let me share my experience with you. Relax and travel light. As mentioned just now, after pregnancy, pregnant women will inevitably have worries and high psychological pressure. In this way, the pregnancy reaction \”morning sickness\” of the pregnant woman will worsen, and as the physical discomfort increases, the mood of the pregnant woman will become more complicated, thus forming a vicious circle. According to my own practice, I will choose to release my stress. For example, reading your favorite books or listening to your favorite songs can relieve your depressed mood, temporarily alleviate morning sickness, and make you feel better. After getting familiar with the causes of morning sickness and the fact that it will disappear around 12 weeks, I would say to myself: \”As a mother, you must be strong. Now that I am a mother, I must work hard for the baby in my belly. Persistence is victory.\” I have to say that this kind of psychological suggestion gave me the feeling that I and my baby were working together, and gave me the confidence to persevere. Eat whatever you want to let your body take in nutrients. In order to supplement myself with nutrients, I have tried many methods. I follow this principle: I can eat whatever I can; I can eat as much as I can; I can eat whenever I want. for example,When I get up in the morning, I eat some food before getting up. The food does not have to be freshly cooked. You can eat some whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers, or even drink a glass of warm water, which is also a good supplement. During the day, when I look at unappetizing food, I will try my best to eat two bites. If I really can’t eat anymore, I have no choice but to give up temporarily. Once you have the thought of eating, look for food immediately to replenish your body\’s nutrition. Although I lost several pounds in the early stages of pregnancy, through this method, I have always been in good health and have no bad mood. After my husband came home from a business trip, he repeatedly praised me as a brave mother. Don’t stay in one place all the time, move around. I was pregnant until around August, and then I quit my job and went home to wait until the baby was born. During the early stages of my pregnancy, I was working in a company. I rush to the company every morning, do some of the backlog of work on hand, and then I walk around outside the office. There are two benefits to this. First, there are many people in the office and the air circulation is not good. If you go outside the office and breathe fresh air, your mental state will be much better. Second, proper exercise can alleviate morning sickness. As long as you are in good health, go for a walk outside the office to see the beautiful scenery. In addition to relaxing, exercise such as walking is also good for the body. Written at the end: Early pregnancy reactions and emotional instability will affect the normal life of pregnant women. When pregnant women cannot adjust well, they should seek help and comfort from their husbands and family members. Only when pregnant women are in a happy mood can they give birth to healthy babies.

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