What are the symptoms of early pregnancy

Having a baby suddenly is an exciting and unexpected thing. Sometimes we have no time to react and feel, and we have no way of knowing their arrival. Especially some young female expectant mothers are confused about how to judge the baby\’s arrival. What about Advent? In fact, the birth of any new life has certain rules or signs, which will inadvertently remind you that you may be pregnant. But not everyone understands it, so it is necessary for Doudehui to popularize some common sense to expectant mothers so that families who want babies can be mentally prepared and avoid confusion. What are the early symptoms of pregnancy? Symptom 1: Stop of menstruation Stop of menstruation is the most obvious and common symptom! It is the first sign that you are pregnant. Generally speaking, if your period has not come for more than a week as usual, you should be mentally prepared to see if you are pregnant. At this time, you can go to the hospital to do a urine HCG to further check whether you are pregnant. But if it is one month past the expiration date, the doctor can roughly detect the signs of pregnancy, and it will be easier to confirm the pregnancy. There are a very small number of women who, although they are pregnant, still have one or two menstrual periods when they are due. However, the menstrual blood is less than usual and the period is shorter. This is called \”menstrual leakage\” in traditional Chinese medicine. , the real reason is not yet clear. Symptom 2: Breast abdominal pain or discoloration. Have your breasts suddenly become particularly sensitive, swollen, or sore? Or you find that your breasts seem to have other abnormalities that you don’t usually have. This has a lot to do with the endometrium. For example, if your menstrual period is very accurate and you don’t use contraception during sex, you should suspect pregnancy when your period is about 10 days overdue. , then you can go to the hospital for a urine test. If the result is positive, it is very likely that you are pregnant. If your periods are irregular, you should check for other signs to confirm whether you are pregnant. Symptom 3: You get tired more easily than usual. If you are lucky enough to be pregnant, your body will work continuously for 24 hours to support the pregnancy in the first 3 weeks or so. Fatigue is of course the most direct reaction at this time. The progesterone produced during pregnancy raises your basal body temperature, so you lack energy. And your heart rate will increase to provide more oxygen to the uterus, so you will feel tired. You may go to bed earlier, but find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. If you have work to do, as soon as it’s ten minutes at noon, you will feel that you need to find a place to lie down and rest. Exercise becomes costly. Simple activities such as shopping can make you feel very tired and even top-heavy. All of these symptoms stem from the increase in hormones in your body. Symptom 4: Nausea and nausea. This phenomenon is called \”morning sickness\” because most pregnant women feel nausea and boredom in the morning. This is partly due to the drop in blood sugar that causes vomiting when you\’re fasting. Although this phenomenon is called \”morning sickness,\” it can happen at any time. Therefore, some women wear \”sickness patches\” at work to prevent the inconvenience caused by vomiting during the day. symptom5: Bleeding When the fertilized egg adheres to the uterus 6-12 days after conception, slight vaginal bleeding may occur. There\’s no harm in doing this, but if you suspect you\’re pregnant you should see your doctor right away, because if the bleeding occurs after 12 days of conception, you may suspect you\’re having your period. Symptom 6: Abnormal taste. Increased hormone levels in the body and changes in saliva secretion lead to changes in taste buds, including a metallic smell in the mouth, causing you to try strange foods abnormally, while the ones you usually like seem disgusting and indifferent. Gluttony or anorexia is a common pregnancy phenomenon that few people know about. You may find that you lose your appetite for foods you once enjoyed. Symptom 7: Frequent urination. You may think that this sign does not come so early. It should appear when the BB can squeeze the bladder, but in fact, this sign may appear in the early stages of pregnancy. Not only does a distended uterus put pressure on the bladder, but the increased blood flow also puts pressure on the kidneys, so urine increases and you visit the bathroom more often. Your family or friends will tell you that you go to the bathroom more often than before. Symptom 8: Dizziness. The swelling of the uterus compresses the blood vessels in the legs, and the secretion of hormones will increase your body temperature, so you will easily feel lightheaded. It takes a little longer than normal for blood to flow to the brain, and hypoglycemia is also an important cause of dizziness. Symptom 9: Swelling, cramping, back pain and dizziness. Many women mistake these symptoms for premenstrual syndrome, but they are actually due to hormonal changes and the growth of the uterus. Symptom 10: Weird sense of smell If you think it is weird to like the smell of gas oil and shoe polish, you can try your own reaction: smelling some smells you once loved will suddenly become strong and disgusting and make you want to vomit, for example: Perfume, coffee and cooking smells, etc. Symptom 11: Stomach pain or constipation: The uterus expands, causing the uterus to squeeze into the stomach and other organs when it expands, causing stomach pain and constipation. In addition, the increased concentration of hormones can cause slow digestion and hinder the normal functioning of the digestive function of digesting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Symptom 12: Emotional instability. If you find yourself crying for a small plot in a TV series, don’t be surprised. This may be related to the hormones secreted by pregnancy. You may be able to cry in an instant. Cry and laugh. Symptom 13: Obesity The inevitable weight gain is a symptom of pregnancy. Your clothes will become tighter and tighter, and you will feel like you are gaining weight. You are getting bigger and bigger as a result of pregnancy. Symptom 14: Headache Some women often experience headaches in early pregnancy. In addition to hormone secretion factors, headaches may also be caused by insufficient drinking water and low blood sugar. But as the pregnancy progresses, the headaches will gradually decrease. This is the introduction to early pregnancy symptoms. Doudehui’s warm reminder: If most of your symptoms are similar to the above, please calculate the number of days of your pregnancy (from the last menopause), the timeIn about 1 month, please go to the hospital for an examination. The main purpose is to see if there is an ectopic pregnancy. This examination is very important. If the pregnancy is normal, you can safely raise the fetus. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, you need to take other measures! During pregnancy, it is best to relax your body and mind, think more about happy and beautiful things, and listen to some very beautiful and soothing music. You can download 100 must-listen prenatal education music or some prenatal education stories for early education. The last thing is to cooperate with the doctor to do a pregnancy check-up to lay a solid physical foundation for giving birth to a smart and healthy baby.

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