What are the symptoms of early pregnancy (6th week)

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? Physical changes of the pregnant mother in the 6th week: In the pregnant mother\’s uterus, the embryo is growing rapidly, and the pregnant mother\’s early pregnancy reaction is more intense, accompanied by symptoms such as headache and constipation. After pregnancy, the speed of food entering the internal organs slows down. At the same time, the enlarged uterus compresses the stomach, and the food in the stomach and duodenum will flow back along the esophagus, causing pregnant mothers to feel anxious and have indigestion. This phenomenon will become more and more serious as time goes by. At this time, some pregnant mothers\’ headache symptoms worsen, while for other pregnant mothers, the situation is just the opposite, and their usual headaches are relieved or disappear. The more pregnant mothers who do not usually suffer from headaches, the more likely they are to suffer from headaches after pregnancy. The headache will disappear naturally after 3 months of pregnancy. What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? The development of the fetus in the 6th week: Starting from the 6th week of pregnancy, the fetus gradually takes shape. Although there is still a small tail trailing behind, the hands, feet and limbs have begun to grow like plant sprouts, and obvious protrusions can be seen. The arms grow faster than the legs, and the hands and arms are like animal webs. At this time, the rudimentary shape of the face gradually emerged. The eyes were two black protrusions, the ears were two small holes, and the mouth and nose were two small slits. As the fetal spine grows and develops, the neural tube closes, and the lumen of the neural tube evolves into the ventricles (cavities in the brain filled with cerebrospinal fluid). The heart tubes fuse and begin to shrink; in addition, the liver, pancreas, thyroid, lungs, etc. The original form of the organ begins to take shape.

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