What are the symptoms of early pregnancy (7th week)

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? Physical changes of pregnant mothers in the 7th week: In the 7th week of pregnancy, in order to allow the fetal sac to implant smoothly, the uterine wall becomes softer. In addition, the mucous membrane of the cervix of the uterus thickens to protect the uterus. Throughout pregnancy, the cervical mucosa tightly surrounds the uterus. Nowadays, pregnant mothers may feel hungry at any time, and they often eat without choosing food. Eating and drinking too much will cause your body shape to change quickly. Don\’t think too much about your body shape at this time. During this period, early pregnancy reactions are unbearable for many pregnant mothers, causing all kinds of inconveniences to life, work, and study. If some pregnant mothers are not mentally prepared for pregnancy in advance, all this will cause them to suffer from psychological imbalance, depression and fatigue, which may manifest as losing their temper and crying easily. It should be noted that this is a critical period for the development of the embryo\’s palate, and excessive emotional instability may lead to cleft palate or cleft lip in the fetus. So be sure to stay in a good mood now. What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? The development status of the fetus in the 7th week: After entering the 7th week, the outline of the face of the fetus, which was originally just a rudiment, becomes clearer. Now, the protruding nose is moving open and close, and the eyes and nostrils like small black dots can be clearly seen. The fetus\’s body is also changing. The head is located above the spine and the tail is shortened. The hands and feet become longer, and arms and legs can be distinguished, as can hands and shoulders. The fetal heart is fully formed and the internal organs are growing rapidly. The heart is divided into left ventricle and right ventricle. The belly of the fetus is obviously protruding, which is the prototype of the liver. The lungs form bronchi. The stomach and intestines are beginning to take shape, and the cecum and pancreas have also been formed.

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