What are the symptoms of early pregnancy (8th week)

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? Physical changes of pregnant mothers in the 8th week: After entering the 8th week of pregnancy, nausea becomes more serious. Pregnant mothers will vomit when they smell an abnormal smell, and sometimes they will vomit immediately after eating. Pregnant mothers should try to avoid sensitive smells and foods to avoid losing their appetite. You can eat the foods you want to eat regularly, paying special attention to nutritional issues. A pregnant mother\’s uterus, which was the size of an egg before pregnancy, is now as big as a fist. Although there are no signs of pregnancy on the outside at this time, the weight has increased since this period, the waist has gradually become thicker, and there will be a tight feeling when wearing clothes. At the same time, the lower abdomen becomes hard and feels a little swollen. The color becomes darker due to the rapid increase in blood supply to the vulva and vagina during pregnancy. At the same time, thick vaginal discharge increases. Underwear should be changed frequently and the body should be cleaned by showering. If the color of the secretion becomes darker, it may be a bacterial infection, and it is best to go to the hospital for treatment. What are the symptoms of early pregnancy? The development of the fetus in the 8th week: In the 8th week of pregnancy, the embryo grows rapidly. The fetus\’s spine becomes straight, allowing it to stand upright and hold its head up in the womb. The fetus places its hands on its abdomen and bends its knees downward, as if it is swimming. The hands and feet have clearly separated, and fingers and toes have begun to grow. More related symptoms: A list of early pregnancy symptoms From now on, the \”baby\” will grow rapidly, as fast as the heart and brain are developing, and will show a clear outline in a few weeks. The skin is as thin as paper and the blood vessels are clearly visible. The outer ear forms the ear at the top of the fetus\’s neck, eyelids grow on the face, and the nose and upper lip begin to appear. Reproductive organ tissue such as testicles or ovaries also begins to form at this time.

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