What are the symptoms of high blood sugar in pregnancy?

Pregnant mother A: \”I\’m going to do a sugar screening. I heard that if I can\’t pass it, I have to control my diet…\” Pregnant mother B: \”The doctor said my blood sugar is a bit high. If I don\’t control it, the baby will be in danger…\” With the delivery As the date approached, I found that my blood sugar exceeded the target. The joy of pregnancy was overshadowed by the shadow of gestational diabetes. The smile on my face suddenly disappeared. It would have been better if I had paid attention to controlling my blood sugar from the beginning… Gestational diabetes not only affects It not only affects the health of pregnant women, but also threatens the growth of the fetus and can easily lead to the occurrence of macrosomia. Therefore, if the mother has the following symptoms, she needs to be vigilant, which means that her blood sugar needs to be controlled. An inexplicable thirst that cannot be relieved by drinking more water is one of the typical symptoms of gestational diabetes. Excessive blood sugar content in the blood will lead to a significant increase in blood osmotic pressure, increase in urine, and rapid loss of water in the body, which requires water. To dilute it, so the most obvious symptom of high blood sugar during pregnancy is constant thirst. Gynecological diseases appeared in the second trimester. I was troubled by gynecological diseases during pregnancy, especially candida vaginitis or urinary tract infections. In the first trimester, there were also positive fasting urine glucose, polyhydramnios, etc. , which requires heightened vigilance. 3. Increased urine and dry skin are two obvious abnormalities of diabetes during pregnancy. Blood sugar rises beyond the standard value, and excess sugar needs to be excreted through urine, thus increasing urine output. At the same time, due to thirst, pregnant women will also drink a lot of water, which also increases the amount of urine, but it should be separated from the normal frequency of urination during pregnancy. Frequent urination during pregnancy usually occurs in the first and third trimesters. If it occurs in the second trimester, it is abnormal. Frequent urination, thirst, dry skin and even dehydration are all signs of abnormality in the body. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 4. Feeling like you are never full. Blood sugar continues to rise during pregnancy, and patients often feel like they are not full. Even if they are full now, hunger will appear after a while. This is due to abnormal insulin secretion in the body. Although food is digested, glucose cannot be fully oxidized for human use, resulting in overwhelming hunger. At the same time, glucose cannot be used by the body, so the body will consume a large amount of fat and protein, leading to hunger. 5. Pregnant women of advanced age. Women with a history of gestational diabetes who are over 35 years old and become pregnant again fall into the category of pregnant women of advanced age. At this time, the body\’s insulin compensatory capacity will often continue to weaken. If the diet is not controlled, the chance of developing diabetes will continue to increase. If you have gestational diabetes in your first pregnancy, you may still have high blood sugar in your second pregnancy. 6. Pre-pregnancy obesity and rapid weight gain during pregnancy. If you are overweight before pregnancy, you need to be alert to the emergence of diabetes. Because being overweight itself is one of the risk factors for diabetes, and as the body\’s compensatory ability gradually weakens during pregnancy, diabetes is more likely to come to your doorstep. \”Out of control\” blood sugar during pregnancy will not only increase the blood pressure of the pregnant mother, but also cause the baby to overgrow and become a \”macrosomia\”. If you are not careful, you will face the risk of fetal malformation, premature birth, and miscarriage.. Learn about the effective ways to control blood sugar during pregnancy. ● Remember to check your blood sugar before getting pregnant. ● Mothers should get more than 7 hours of adequate sleep every day. ● In terms of diet, keep your mouth shut, develop the eating habit of eating small meals often, and control calories and fat. Intake, control the amount of fruit consumed. ●In terms of exercise, stretch your legs and do moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking, dancing, etc.

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