What are the symptoms of high blood sugar in pregnant women?

During pregnancy, mothers need to pay attention to various indicators, and every prenatal check-up not only checks the development of the fetus, but also checks whether the pregnant woman is in good physical condition. Many pregnant mothers have experienced elevated blood sugar during pregnancy, which is also a very common condition. During pregnancy, women\’s blood sugar levels increase due to excessive intake of nutrients or other reasons. Since this condition is very common and has no special symptoms or effects, many people don’t take it to heart and think that it will get better after giving birth. But in fact, high blood sugar in pregnant women is something that requires special attention. Once blood sugar continues to rise and is not effectively controlled, \”gestational diabetes\” is likely to occur. Gestational diabetes is a hazard to both the fetus and the pregnant woman. It will not only increase the risk of fetal malformations and cause the fetal weight to soar, but also increase the risk of abnormal amniotic fluid, causing pregnant women to develop diabetes after delivery and cannot recover. Unfortunately, my colleague Xiaoli encountered this situation. Not long after she got married to her husband, Xiaoli received good news. After hearing the news, the mother-in-law was the happiest. She moved directly from her hometown to Xiaoli\’s house and insisted on taking care of her daughter-in-law\’s food and daily life. She was indescribably happy. During the entire pregnancy, Xiaoli\’s mother-in-law made carefully cooked soup for every meal. Xiaoli couldn\’t bear the various meats and eggs. Moreover, during the physical examination, the doctor also made it clear that the blood sugar concentration was too high and that the diet could be properly controlled. But Xiaoli\’s mother-in-law disagreed: \”Whose blood sugar is not high during pregnancy? Don\’t listen to other people\’s nonsense. You should eat, and nothing will happen.\” During pregnancy, Xiaoli was blindly taking supplements and eating more, and Xiaoli also neglected her body. The blood sugar concentration eventually led to dystocia during childbirth. Fortunately, after the doctor\’s hard work, the baby was finally born safely. Just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the doctor\’s words suddenly made the family dumbfounded: \”Due to the maternal blood sugar being too high, the fetus was too big.\” Da, she encountered dystocia during the delivery process. Although she was rescued, due to the long delivery time, the fetus\’ brain was hypoxic, which is likely to affect the child\’s intelligence. The family members must be prepared. \”Listen. Upon hearing these words, my mother-in-law immediately cried and fell into extreme self-blame. If I had listened to the doctor and controlled my diet and blood sugar a little, maybe this scene would not have happened. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! While we are lamenting and lamenting this matter, we should also be vigilant to ourselves. Do not take hyperglycemia during pregnancy seriously, and blindly ignoring it may cause irreparable consequences. Next, let’s take a look at what are the signs and manifestations of hyperglycemia during pregnancy. 1. Eat more and lose weight. Eating a lot but still losing weight is one of the important signs of hyperglycemia during pregnancy. Due to insufficient insulin secretion in the body and high blood sugar, the nutrients taken in cannot be utilized by the cells, resulting in a stronger sense of hunger in the brain. On the one hand, it is constant eating; on the other hand, it is the constant utilization of nutrients, forming a vicious cycle, overeating and losing weight, even leading to malnutrition problems for both mothers and children, with very serious consequences. 2. Polydipsia is accompanied by polyuria. Once a mother develops hyperglycemia, she will be accompanied by polydipsia and polyuria. If during pregnancy, pregnant women always drink a lot of water, feel thirsty after drinking the water and continue to drink, and they always have frequent urination, then they should consider whether it is caused by high blood sugar. Once gestational diabetes occurs, pregnant women may even urinate about 20 times a day, urinating frequently and being thirsty to drink water frequently. When encountering this situation, pregnant women should pay attention and try to go to the hospital for a specialized examination. 3. Poor mental state and always tired. Some pregnant women are always very tired during pregnancy. Not only are they physically tired, but their mental state is also not very good. If you often feel dizzy and weak, and still feel lack of energy after sleeping, you should be alert to whether it is caused by elevated blood sugar. Many people think that dizziness and weakness are a normal condition of pregnancy, but it may also be a lack of energy caused by high blood sugar. Because high blood sugar increases blood viscosity, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the blood, pregnant women will feel weak all over. Therefore, once the body becomes thin and weak, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by high blood sugar, and go to the hospital for examination in time to be aware of it. . If the above situation occurs during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not take it lightly and go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it is caused by high blood sugar. And in your daily life, pay attention to a healthy diet, engage in appropriate exercise, and maintain regular physical examinations. Only in this way can you ensure the health of yourself and your baby.

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