What are the symptoms of lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy?

Lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy is one of the normal reactions in early pregnancy. This is caused by the growth of the pregnant woman\’s uterus, which stimulates the bones. Pregnant mothers usually feel a faint stretching pain in the abdomen. If the condition is mild, it will resolve on its own after rest. Professional doctors said that if there are no symptoms of vaginal bleeding or water rupture in the early stages of pregnancy, and the baby\’s fetal movements are normal, pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous or worried, because this is a normal uterine contraction. However, if the pain in the lower abdomen is intermittent or persists, just like the pain before or during menstruation, and is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, this is likely to be a pathological phenomenon during pregnancy, and the most common is bleeding or aura. For ectopic pregnancy, pregnant mothers must go to the hospital in time for symptomatic treatment to prevent the condition from getting worse or causing miscarriage. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain in Early Pregnancy. Different pregnant women will experience lower abdominal pain at different times. Although doctors say that this is a normal reaction in early pregnancy, if pregnant mothers understand the pregnancy clearly, Causes of early abdominal pain, this can not only better alleviate the worries of pregnant mothers, but also better prevent abdominal pain, and can treat problems in time once problems are discovered. Professional doctors say there are three main causes of abdominal pain in early pregnancy: 1. Physiological abdominal pain: The abdominal pain of pregnant mothers mostly starts when the uterus is enlarged during the 2-3 months of pregnancy. Experts point out that the reason why most pregnant women suffer from abdominal pain at this time is Most cases of lower abdominal pain are caused by the enlargement of the uterus. Therefore, as the fetus gradually develops, the pregnant mother\’s uterus will also increase, and the enlarged uterus will continue to stimulate the lower edge of the ribs, causing the pregnant mother to have dull pain in the lower abdomen. Lower abdominal pain caused by the enlargement of the uterus in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much. 2. Pathological abdominal pain: (1) Threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant mothers with threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy can also cause lower abdominal pain. This pain is mostly persistent lower abdominal pain and accompanied by vaginal bleeding. At this time, Pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital for treatment in time. (2) Stomach pain or other diseases. If a pregnant mother eats spoiled food or food that is too frozen and irritating, it will cause intestinal spasm and cause abdominal pain. In addition, diseases such as acute gastritis, gastroenteritis, acute pancreatitis, and degeneration of uterine fibroids may also be one of the causes of lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who experience these conditions need to go to the hospital in time for symptomatic treatment. 3. Pregnant women with partial placental exfoliation are prone to placental abruption during pregnancy, which is also one of the causes of lower abdominal pain in pregnant women. Although this condition usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, clinically, placental exfoliation also appears in early pregnancy. Appear. Lower abdominal pain on the right side in early pregnancy. Lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy. If the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and threatened bleeding is ruled out, this situation is normal. Basically, most pregnant women have this experience in early pregnancy, because as the uterus grows, Large, the enlarged uterus will continue to stimulate the ribs, and at the same time, the round ligament of the uterus will be stretched, making the pregnant mother feel slightlyabdominal pain. This kind of pain is mostly caused by pain on the left side of the abdomen, which is caused by the implantation of the pregnant egg. However, some pregnant mothers will experience right lower abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy. It is recommended that they go to the hospital for a routine blood test and a blood test to see if there is inflammation. What to do about lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy. Although abdominal pain caused by threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out, pregnant mothers know that lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy is a normal reaction during pregnancy. However, whether it is to relieve pain or for the sake of the health of the baby, pregnant mothers Everyone wants to know what to do if you have abdominal pain in early pregnancy? See what experienced mothers have to say. 1. If you feel pain in the waist, a heavy feeling in the abdomen, etc., stop activities in time, rest more, and observe carefully. If it cannot be relieved, seek medical examination in time; 2. Not only will there be lower abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy, but also pregnancy The period of high incidence of miscarriage is within 3 months, so pregnant mothers must avoid overexertion and strenuous activities, and avoid sexual intercourse. 3. If the abdominal pain is accompanied by vaginal coffee-like or brown blood flowing out, you need to seek medical treatment in time and perform miscarriage treatment according to the doctor\’s instructions. 4. If you have severe abdominal pain, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or fainting, pregnant mothers should pay attention. This may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or threatened abortion. At this time, you should go to the hospital immediately.

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