What are the top ten fruits that pregnant women should not eat?

After pregnancy, women need to pay attention to all aspects, especially in terms of diet. They cannot eat some cold foods, which will have an impact on pregnant women. During pregnancy, pregnant women often use some fruits to supplement vitamins, but this is not All fruits can be eaten by pregnant women, so let’s take a look at the top ten fruits that pregnant women are forbidden to eat with Doudehui. Do you want to buy Chinese culture machine content for your child? 9854 mp3 collection + catalogue. Top ten fruits that pregnant women should not eat: 1. Hawthorn Hawthorn is sweet and sour, and is extremely appetizing and digestible. Many women prefer to eat hawthorn, but pregnant women cannot eat hawthorn after pregnancy. Excessive consumption of hawthorn can cause uterine contractions and, in severe cases, miscarriage. Pregnant women are advised not to eat hawthorn. Therefore, when it comes to the top ten fruits that pregnant women should not eat, hawthorn is definitely one of them. 2. Lychee Lychee is a very good supplement, but its sugar content is very high. It is best not for pregnant women to eat lychee. Not only is it easy to get angry, but it can also easily aggravate the problem of yin or yang deficiency. 3. Longan Longan is easy to get angry and will increase fetal fever, so it is best not to be eaten by pregnant women during pregnancy. Eating too much can cause constipation, vomiting, redness, and even miscarriage or premature delivery. 4. Durian The nutritional value of durian is obvious to all, but pregnant women should not eat it because durian is too hot. Excessive consumption will increase blood sugar and is not easy to digest after entering the stomach. 5. Persimmons here refer to persimmons that are not yet fully mature. They contain a large amount of tannic acid, which can easily lead to stones and be harmful to the stomach of pregnant women. 6. Pineapple There is a special protease in pineapple, which can cause allergies. For pregnant women, they are prone to diarrhea or abdominal pain once allergic, which is extremely unsafe. 7. Mango Mango is the same as pineapple. There is also a special enzyme in mango that can cause allergies in women. Regardless of whether you were allergic to mango before, it is best not to eat it after pregnancy. 8. Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is sweet and delicious. It is a cooling food. Eating too much is not easy to digest and can easily cause stomach cold and diarrhea. It is simply not worth the candle. 9. Peaches Peaches are a very common fruit with very high nutritional value, but pregnant women should not eat too much because peaches are a hot food and eating too much can lead to constipation. 10. Mangosteen Mangosteen tastes sour and sweet, so many people like to eat it, but it is not suitable for pregnant women because it contains too much sugar, especially pregnant women with high blood pressure and blood sugar. Listen to a complete collection of baby prenatal education stories online [1-10 months prenatal education MP3 download] The above is an introduction to the top ten fruits that pregnant women are forbidden to eat. During pregnancy, you should also pay attention to avoid accidents caused by eating the wrong foods. You must not eat foods that you cannot eat. It is not too late to eat them after the baby is born.

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