What are women most afraid of after becoming a mother? Every sentence touches the heart

Since I became a mother, I can no longer act coquettishly and cutely with my husband as before, and I no longer have the leisure time to go shopping with my girlfriends. The time I spend back at my parents’ home has also been reduced… Not only can I not do many things, but I have also become timid! If you don’t believe it, look~ During pregnancy: The baby has less fetal movement today! I\’m afraid… of catching a cold during pregnancy: I don\’t dare to take medicine for fear of affecting the baby\’s health. During childbirth: I\’m afraid that I won\’t be able to give birth! Afraid that the baby will be unhealthy during confinement: Afraid that the husband will dislike him and become fat or ugly. The baby is learning to speak: Why can’t he call me mommy yet? Is there a problem? When the baby goes to kindergarten: Afraid of being bullied by children. When he goes to elementary school: Afraid of not studying well… When he goes to junior high school: Afraid of falling in love early, afraid of not getting into college, afraid of not being able to find a good job, afraid of not being able to find a partner, afraid. Afraid. Afraid. Tao Mom is also \”afraid\” now. : I’m afraid that I won’t be able to eat well, which will affect the little Tao in my belly, I’m afraid that Xiao Tao won’t be able to get along peacefully with her younger brother/sister, I’m afraid that the mother of a second child will have a harder time, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to share my parenting experience with everyone because of my pregnancy… In short, after becoming a mother, Women are becoming more and more nagging, timid, and afraid every moment… However, women who become mothers are not afraid of trouble or hard work, just so that their babies can grow up healthily and safely. At this moment, please give a thumbs up to the great mothers and yourself!

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