What causes back pain in late pregnancy

Today\’s study – the reasons for \”low back pain\” in late pregnancy 1. As the fetus in the belly continues to grow in the third trimester, the burden on the abdomen gradually increases, and the body\’s center of gravity shifts backward. In order to maintain the balance of the body, pregnant mothers The upper body will tilt back compensatoryly, causing excessive lordosis of the spine, and continuous tension in the extensor muscles of the waist and back, resulting in excessive fatigue of the waist and back, and it is easy to suffer from back pain. 2. At the end of pregnancy, the pelvic ligaments relax to facilitate the smooth delivery of the fetus. At the same time, the ligaments of the lumbar spine are also in a relaxed state. If the posture is improper, the facet joints of the lumbar spine are prone to dislocation, causing low back pain. 3. Insufficient exercise during pregnancy causes a decrease in basic physical strength. If your physical strength decreases, you will be unable to maintain a normal posture, which can easily cause low back pain. 4. The uterus of pregnant mothers enlarges and compresses the pelvic tissues and nerves, which can also cause low back pain. 5. In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, fetal development requires sufficient nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. If the intake of nutrients in the diet is insufficient, it will cause osteoporosis in the pregnant mother, low back pain, and even lower limb spasm, commonly known as \”cramp\”.

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