What causes birthmarks in children?

As a mother, you naturally hope that your child will be \”flawless\” when he is born… However, when many children are born, they often have birthmarks. These birthmarks may be large or small and can be found on any part of the child\’s body. may appear. Birthmark definition: Birthmarks are formed due to the proliferation of skin tissue, which leads to the appearance of irregularly shaped and colored \”marks\” on the surface of the skin. Many mothers find it difficult to accept birthmarks on their newborn children. At this time, elders will tell these mothers \”stories\” to comfort them. For example, the elderly will claim: \”These birthmarks on the child are because the baby saw his mother working hard in the sky, and then couldn\’t wait to come to her side and accidentally fell down.\” Most mothers will laugh after hearing the stories of their elders. , the nervousness and worry will be relieved a lot. In fact, the story is a story. The child\’s birthmark is not caused by falling and knocking on the mother\’s side, but is caused by many factors. Causes of birthmarks: genetics or external damage to the fetus during pregnancy, resulting in special \”marks\” formed on the surface of the fetus\’ skin. Some of these birthmarks will disappear after a period of time, while others will accompany the child\’s life, and not every child will have birthmarks. Therefore, for the sake of the child\’s appearance and not to affect the child\’s life, many mothers still have to do their best to protect themselves during pregnancy, and then protect the fetus, so that the fetus will be as white as possible after birth. Types of birthmarks: ①. Black and blue birthmarks Black and blue birthmarks will disappear regardless of their size. As parents, you don’t have to worry that your child’s dark and blue birthmarks will accompany the child’s growth throughout his life. Many children may have dark blue birthmarks on their limbs, mostly on their back and buttocks. No matter where it is, birthmarks that mothers find to be an eyesore are only temporary. As the child grows, birthmarks can disappear. Because this dark blue birthmark is just a \”Mongolian spot\”. ②. Pure black birthmarks Pure black birthmarks are the only birthmarks that require close observation, because in principle this type of birthmark is a birthmark that will not disappear and will remain on the child\’s body from birth until the child grows up. Moreover, this kind of birthmark is likely to continue to grow as the child grows up, which will not only affect the child\’s appearance, but may also cause other diseases in the child. Parents must be cautious and observe carefully. ③. \”Chinese Red\” birthmark The formation of \”Chinese Red\” birthmark is mostly caused by erythema and hemangioma when newborns are born. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If a newborn baby has erythema, it will subside in about ten days. However, if there is a hemangioma, parents need to continuously observe and conduct relevant examinations on the baby within three months, and pay attention to the doctor\’s advice in a timely manner. In other words, if \”hemangioma\” is left alone, it will grow bigger and bigger, and it will also cause some serious consequences. Many mothers feel that birthmarks, whether they appear on the body or face,It will have some impact on the baby\’s appearance or life, so how to prevent the baby from having birthmarks after birth? Pregnant mothers should avoid these 4 \”triggers\” 1. Pregnant women should protect themselves during pregnancy. Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, it is not a big deal for a pregnant woman to be accidentally touched by the corner of a table when walking, but for a fragile fetus, it is not a big deal. Only the amniotic fluid in the mother\’s belly can protect herself. If the position where the mother bumps is right against the child\’s capillaries, the child is likely to have a birthmark. A slight collision is likely to cause damage to the fetus\’s capillaries, which may lead to birthmarks on the fetus due to congestion. 2. Stay away from radiation. Radiation is everywhere in life. For the sake of the fetus, mothers should stay away from radiation sources as much as possible. If you are engaged in a high-risk occupation, it is best to stop working for a period of time before getting pregnant. After pregnancy, try to stay away from radiation sources and some chemical agents. 3. Balanced diet. Many pregnant women have a bad appetite during pregnancy. In order to eat more, they will prefer a certain kind of food. However, this behavior will lead to incomplete nutrition absorption by the fetus, which may lead to the possibility of the fetus developing birthmarks. There are also many pregnant women who experience internal heat during pregnancy. In order to relieve their irritability, many pregnant women drink ice water, eat ice cream, etc. As everyone knows, this behavior may also cause birthmarks on the fetus. Pregnant women should try to avoid fried foods during pregnancy and eat more fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and other foods. If you eat a lot of foods containing hormones, the risk of your fetus getting birthmarks will increase significantly. 4. Cosmetics should be used with caution. As a woman, it is natural to love beauty, but when you are pregnant, you should try not to use cosmetics if you can. As we all know, cosmetics contain a series of chemical substances. These substances will be passed to the fetus through the blood. They are not only harmful to the fetus\’s nervous system, but may also cause the fetus to form birthmarks. It is \”unfair\” for the child to have a birthmark. The fetus does not have the right to actively choose its appearance. As a mother, since you have decided to have a child and raise a child, you should try to understand more scientific parenting knowledge so that the child can be at the starting line. Just like other children, don’t let your children lose to other children in terms of appearance. Perhaps adults think having birthmarks is nothing, but most children will feel inferior because of birthmarks. Especially birthmarks on the face will bring obstacles to the child\’s life. There are also many children who will suffer from birthmarks because of birthmarks. Feel like a \”monster\”. Therefore, for birthmarks, mothers must clearly explain the reasons to their children and not put too much psychological burden on their children. Tell the child that the birthmark will disappear, or tell the child that the birthmark is his own mark and characteristic; this will help the child to correctly view the birthmark on his body, and will not feel that he is different from ordinary people, and will also make the child more optimistic and positive.

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