What causes ectopic pregnancy?

\”Ectopic pregnancy\”, as the name suggests, is a pregnancy outside the uterus. Although she was pregnant, the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus. This title makes many pregnant mothers \”change their color\” when they hear it. This situation occurs frequently in our lives. Once it appears, most of the embryos will rupture or bleed heavily, and the next step is likely to be the risk of miscarriage, so many mothers are afraid to avoid it. If it is not dealt with, it may even threaten the mother\’s own life. [The most comprehensive and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen free listening music for late pregnancy prenatal education. This is already the second time neighbor Wang Tao has been diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. The couple has always wanted a second child, regardless of male or female, thinking that it would be a companion for the eldest child and would also provide \”security\” when they grow old in the future. It happened that the two-child policy was relaxed, so I immediately entered the state of pregnancy preparation. However, I did not expect that Wang Tao finally succeeded in preparing for pregnancy, but was directly diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. After this incident, Wang Tao\’s body was not suitable for pregnancy again, and the couple gave up completely. Originally, they wanted to have a second child, but this became impossible. Even so, Wang Tao and Wang Tao\’s family were still very reluctant and asked the doctor over and over again if they could continue to have children. The doctor reluctantly explained the reason: \”This is your second ectopic pregnancy, so we suggest you not to continue having children, because it is very likely that this situation will occur a third time. If I If I am correct, before you were preparing for pregnancy, you used to take birth control pills, right? The test results show that your ovarian environment has changed. Even if you give birth to a child, you and your child may face great health risks. question\”. After hearing the doctor\’s words, Wang Tao and her husband regretted it. After giving birth to their baby, the couple directly used oral contraceptives to \”save trouble\”. But they didn\’t expect that it would have such a big impact on their bodies in the long run. For a while, the young couple gave up completely. In fact, the situation of Xiang Wangtao and his wife is very common in our lives. While we feel sad, we should also be vigilant to avoid being entangled in ectopic pregnancy. In fact, most women who are prone to ectopic pregnancy have a lot to do with these three habits. If they don\’t change it, they will easily be troubled by ectopic pregnancy. Next, let us take a look at what habits they are! •Pregnant mothers who do not pay attention to personal hygiene are prone to ectopic pregnancy. Some mothers do not pay much attention to personal hygiene. They may not change their underwear frequently, or they may not pay attention to cleanliness during their married life, or during their menstrual period. , the frequency of changing sanitary products is very low. Because the female reproductive system is inherently fragile and easily invaded by bacteria, this series of reasons can easily induce gynecological inflammation, making it very easy to get ectopic pregnancy. •Mums who have had frequent miscarriages before are prone to ectopic pregnancies. In addition, mothers who have had frequent miscarriages before preparing for pregnancy are also very susceptible to ectopic pregnancies. [Latest fourth edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M Miscarriage for the motherThe harm to the body is very great and it causes certain damage to the uterus, so in the process of preparing for pregnancy in the future, it is easy to have difficulties in preparing for pregnancy. Even if pregnancy preparation is successful, it is very likely to lead to ectopic pregnancy. •Bad living habits can also lead to ectopic pregnancy. Some women who have bad living habits may also have ectopic pregnancy. They are addicted to alcohol and smoking, which have a great impact on the body. In particular, alcohol and nicotine in cigarettes will affect the cilia of the fallopian tube after entering the body, causing harm to the human body and causing ectopic pregnancy. As someone who has experienced this, every female friend can be vigilant to avoid the above problems. For the sake of yourself and the health and safety of your future baby, you should start practicing self-discipline from now on, take good care of your body and avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. Finally, I hope that every woman can give birth to a healthy and happy baby, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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