What do you need to prepare for the delivery kit for giving birth to a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy?

I have a friend who is one month away from her due date. She is calm every day and does not know how to be anxious. We all told her that we should prepare a maternity package at this time, because you don’t know when the baby will start. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare things for production in advance so as not to panic when the time comes. Hearing what we said, my friend also thought it made sense, so he quickly prepared: 1: Various documents are very necessary. When we go to the hospital to give birth to a baby, we need to use the mother\’s ID card, medical insurance card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. The ID card is used to apply for a hospital card. Medical insurance cards can be used to reimburse medical expenses, such as rural cooperative medical care. The reimbursement ratio is different in each place, so you can go to the local area for consultation. These documents are used to obtain birth certificates. However, many places now no longer require a birth certificate, which is indeed a lot more convenient. A marriage certificate is required in some places and not in others. We didn\’t need a marriage certificate at that time, so the hospital applied for it, which was quite convenient. 2: There is no need to explain too much about money and cards. You need money to go to the hospital. Even if the cooperative medical system will reimburse you, you need to pay it first and then reimburse it when you are discharged from the hospital. And there is a certain percentage of reimbursement, not full reimbursement. It can be prepared according to local consumption levels. Generally speaking, it will be cheaper in county towns. But it is necessary to be more prepared in case special circumstances occur. How about the book Gold Medal Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement? pdf download ultra-clear [Things to note during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] 3. Things used by mothers 1. Wearing. You need to wear loose-fitting clothes when you go to the hospital to give birth. Easy to put on and take off. And we also need to change clothes in the hospital. It is best to prepare comfortable, loose, sweat-absorbent and breathable clothes. Also prepare a few pairs of disposable underwear. Because there is more lochia discharge just after giving birth. It is more convenient to use disposable underwear, just throw it away if it becomes dirty. Nursing bra. After giving birth to a baby, we need to wear nursing bras to facilitate feeding the baby. 2. Use a small basin and small towel to help clean the bottom. Maternity sanitary napkins. Knives of toilet paper. It can be used during childbirth and can be placed under the body after delivery. Toiletries. Sippy cup. 4. Things that newborns need. 1. Two small clothes and a small quilt. Newborns are usually swaddled by nurses. 2. Bottle, bottle brush and a small can of milk powder. If the mother has not yet released milk after giving birth and the baby is hungry and cries. We can add some milk powder to the baby. 3. Small basin and small towel. After the baby poops, you can clean the baby\’s bottom to prevent red bottom. 4. The smallest size diaper. Generally, newborns need to pass meconium first. It is more convenient to use diapers. Because meconium is not easy to clean, and hospitals are busy taking care of mothers and newborns. It is more convenient to use. 5. Pure cotton diapers. We can use diapers and diaper exchange methods, but regular diapers are not good either. 6. Nap cream or talcum powder. The main purpose is to keep the butt dry. You can apply some balm or talcum powder after washing. 7. Diaper pad. This diaper pad can be placed on the quilt and used for wrappingBaby. When the baby urinates, the quilt will not be wet. Usually when you go to the hospital, this is all you need to prepare. Because I only stay in the hospital for a few days. So you don’t need to prepare too much. Just enough to change and use.

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