What does contractions feel like during childbirth

I saw an interesting question on the Internet: What are the things you want to give up before you even start? The answer with the most likes follows: \”During childbirth, because when you are having contractions, you can already feel the pain that is worse than death. What\’s worse is that you think the pain has reached an acceptable peak. But I didn’t expect that this was just the beginning!” We all know that uterine contractions are divided into “real contractions” and “false contractions.” Real contractions are regular and tolerable, but of course this is only for some people. As for other people, the pain will be too painful to get up. We can appropriately describe it as \”the pain of a car crash.\” So, you should understand how difficult it is to have a child! @ That Touch of Sunshine: Sisters, do you have the feeling that when you were in excruciating pain on the delivery bed, you swore to the sky that you would never give birth again? Whoever gives birth to whom is a bastard? Now look at the cute baby lying on the bed, yes When she smiles at you, she suddenly wants to give her a younger brother or younger sister… Well, this is probably the sequelae of being pregnant! @Xuxu: My water broke first, and when I saw redness, I felt like contractions. Then my husband, my mother, and my grandmother went to the hospital with maternity supplies. After being in pain for ten hours at the hospital, I was prescribed five fingers and then received a painless injection. It felt like it was life-saving. I could bear the pain and slept twice. After another three hours, the cervix was fully opened. It took another seven hours from the time the cervix was fully dilated to the time of birth. There was no pain or any effect when I was born, the pain was excruciating. And I also experienced the doctor manually correcting the occiput-anterior position, applying compressions to assist in delivery, and doing side incisions, especially side incisions. I can clearly feel that the doctor is using scissors to cut your flesh, not to mention the pain~@陈:Wait until you feel the pain of mastitis …You will know…what are contractions…@ Chaohua: I started to feel it at 12 o\’clock in the evening, and I gave birth at 5:40 in the morning. I didn\’t even have time to feel painless. It was almost 2 o\’clock when I got to the hospital. I also did a lot of tests. During the contractions, I felt that the baby was about to come out. My husband pushed me in a wheelchair the whole time because he was afraid that the baby would fall to the ground! @图图: I just gave birth a few days ago. For my first baby, it took four hours until my water broke. When I arrived at the hospital, I already had 3 fingers. When I was having contractions, my feet were on the bed board and I almost took off the bed board. When I was in the delivery room, I almost broke off the handle of the delivery bed! ! Top menstrual pain! ! It didn\’t take any effort. The midwife said she saw a little hair on the fetus, so she had to use willpower to grow it. I now feel that… mothers who have the courage to give birth to a second child are superhuman and will not accept refutation! @大Miss: It’s been three days since the due date and there’s still no movement, it’s just backache. I went through the hospitalization procedures 6 days after the expected date of delivery, then went through various examinations, and took oxytocin for 3 days in a row. Basically, I had uterine contractions every day and felt pain, but the cervix would not be opened. The long anxiety and pain were really I don’t want to experience it in this life! @黄小红: I’m afraid I’m here to cause hatred. My water broke in the middle of the night. I had two fingers opened when I was admitted to the hospital. I didn’t feel anything at all. The pain started at six o’clock. When I entered the delivery room at eight o’clock, I had opened eight fingers. There was no pain and no injection. I gave birth to the baby in half an hour. …In fact, the most painful thing is cracked nipples! Finally, did the sisters feel any pain during contractions? What do you think that feels like? Everyone is welcome to leave us a message in the comment area~

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