What does natural birth mean?

Whenever it comes to giving birth, some mothers who have experienced it often have a lot of emotions. Not only is the birth process unforgettable, but the body also endures huge pain. It is true that giving birth after ten months of pregnancy is not an easy thing, especially during the natural delivery process. The mother not only has to face some psychological embarrassment and suffering, but also has to bear physical pain. pain. This is also the reason why many women who meet the conditions for normal delivery still insist on choosing a caesarean section, because the process of normal delivery is so excruciating. Those who have never been a mother will never know the feeling and pain of that kind of pain. It can\’t be experienced personally. Having said this, many people may also be curious, is natural childbirth so scary? What are its steps? Next, let’s take a look at the steps involved in giving birth naturally. Ultra-complete alpha brainwave music download, a must-have for how to develop your child’s brain potential. • Prenatal signs are first of all the prenatal signs of vaginal delivery, which are the well-known red and ruptured water and uterine contractions. When the amniotic water breaks and turns red, it means that the baby is about to be born. At this time, the mother can be pushed into the delivery room to wait. During this process, there will be waves of uterine contractions. As time goes by, the frequency of uterine contractions gradually increases, and the pain gradually intensifies, making it gradually unbearable for the mother. •Prenatal preparation (cervical opening) After experiencing these prenatal signs, the mother must begin prenatal preparation, which is the most important step before delivery, \”cervical opening\”. The so-called uterine opening is what we call \”ten-finger opening\” in a popular sense. The mother\’s uterine opening is opened from one finger to ten fingers so that the baby can smoothly pass through the birth canal. And this step can be said to be the most painful step for the mother in the entire natural birth process. •The delivery process is followed immediately by the progress of the delivery. The prenatal preparations are completed, which means that after the cervix has been dilated to the tenth finger, the actual delivery process can begin. The fetus\’ head is gradually delivered through the birth canal first. The mother, under the guidance of the doctor, exerts correct force until the fetus is completely delivered, and the birth process is over. The above three steps are the basic process of normal delivery, from the first signs, to prenatal preparation, and finally to the actual delivery process. So, do you know which of these three processes is the most painful and painful? Many people will think that it must be the process of delivering a baby. However, many mothers who have experienced it will think that the most torturous and painful part is the \”opening of the cervix\”. When we talk about the dilation of the cervix, we often talk about how many fingers it is dilated to. So, how big is the dilation of the cervix to ten fingers? When you point one finger, the uterine opening is as big as a blueberry, then gradually it becomes as big as a strawberry, then gradually it becomes like a dragon fruit or a papaya, and finally when you open it up to the ten fingers, it is almost like a small watermelon. During the whole process, the mother not only had to endure the severe pain of opening her fingers, but was also accompanied by waves of contractions. Under this double pain and pressure, some mothers have already exceeded their physiological limits, relying entirely on their own perseverance and motherly love to persevere, which is really heartbreaking. Seeing this, many pregnant mothers must have started to get scared.I am afraid of the pain I will experience during childbirth and the process of opening my cervix. In fact, it is painful to open the cervix, but it varies from person to person. For some mothers, it is extremely difficult and painful to open the cervix, and it may even take more than ten hours. But there are still some mothers whose uterine opening and even the entire delivery process are very rapid, and some successfully complete delivery in about two hours. Mothers who give birth very quickly often become the envy of everyone. Why do they give birth so quickly and give birth not long after being pushed into the delivery room? And I don’t think they are in much pain. In fact, the key is to pay attention to the following points. Let’s analyze them together: 1. During pregnancy, proper exercise is crucial to enhance the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. Many pregnant mothers still have If you go to work normally and take frequent walks when you get home from work, the delivery process will be relatively fast. Although you cannot move widely during pregnancy, appropriate exercise is still good for the body of pregnant women. Appropriate exercise during pregnancy can enhance the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, which can also help speed up the opening of the cervix during childbirth. 2. During pregnancy, maintain a healthy diet, regular work and rest, and maintain a healthy body. Childbirth requires the mother to have sufficient physical strength and endurance, which requires daily accumulation and exercise. Eating some healthy and nutritious foods during pregnancy can not only enhance the physical fitness of the pregnant mother, but also help the baby\’s body develop stronger. 3. During the delivery process, the mother must maintain a peaceful mind. Delivery not only requires the mother to bear physical pain, but also tests the mother\’s mentality. Many mothers often suffer from nervousness and fear due to the long-term suffering of opening the cervix. Give up and want to convert. At this time, the mother should maintain a peaceful mind, relax, listen to the doctor\’s instructions, believe that she can do it, and have confidence, so that the delivery process will become smoother and smoother. 4. During the delivery process, actively cooperate with and trust the doctor. Women often feel very insecure during delivery. Many unknowns cause the mother to always have random thoughts. At this time, the mother must cooperate with the doctor. The doctor will adopt corresponding plans based on the mother\’s own situation. Only by actively cooperating with the doctor and trusting the doctor can the childbirth process be accelerated. 5. During the delivery process, be sure to avoid exerting force and shouting in advance. Due to their inexperience, many parturient women start to scream when they open the cervix with one or two fingers. They use extra force to open the cervix as quickly as possible with ten fingers. In fact, this will only make themselves uncomfortable. A waste of energy. Try to take it easy while you can still tolerate it. Jim Sears Intimacy Parenting Encyclopedia pdf download [HD scan version] According to your own uterine contractions, take a deep breath or a quick breath to let your body adjust to a good state and conserve your strength. Only when the doctor directs you to exert force will the mother have enough energy. strength. I hope pregnant mothers can pay more attention to the above points. Only if we are mentally prepared in advance and understand the whole process of childbirth, we can be aware of it. When you actually give birth, your hands and feet will not be messed up, and you can suffer less during the birth process, making the entire birth process smoother. Finally, I hope that every mother will have a smooth delivery and give birth to a healthy and cute baby. I also hope that every mother will have a smooth delivery and give birth to a healthy and cute baby.Families can be happy and harmonious. Mommies, do you remember how long it took to open your fingers during delivery? Which stage in the process of giving birth do you think is the most painful? Welcome to leave a comment below to share your views.

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