What effect does frequent anger during pregnancy have on the baby?

Once a woman becomes pregnant, she will undergo some physical and psychological changes. As her belly bulges day by day, movement becomes more and more inconvenient. Facing many physiological and physical troubles and problems often causes emotional fluctuations. Some family members may not understand why a woman seems to be a different person once she becomes pregnant. For example, the \”gentleness\” and \”courage\” in the past seem to have \”gone far away\”, and they often lose their temper after pregnancy. Another example is that people who were particularly strong before often become very \”vulnerable\” after pregnancy. In fact, women\’s psychological aspects will also undergo \”earth-shaking\” changes after pregnancy. Due to the influence of physiological changes and hormone secretion, even emotions are likely to become \”pessimistic and sensitive\” and \”moody\”. Many people don\’t take their emotions during pregnancy to heart. They think that after pregnancy, as long as they can raise the baby at home, eat well, drink well and sleep well, they don\’t need to worry about anything else. But in fact, emotional management after pregnancy is also crucial. Unfortunately, many people ignore this. Case Study: Recently, my colleague Xiao Liu frowned. It turned out that Xiao Liu could not imagine why the child he gave birth to was very introverted even though he and her husband were very cheerful. Xiao Liu\’s child has not been fond of talking since he was a child, does not like to go to crowded places, and does not even dare to express himself. I have no friends of my own, no social circle of my own, and my academic performance is mediocre, which is really confusing. Why is my child\’s personality so different from my own and my husband\’s? In fact, all this can be explained by a simple analysis: During her pregnancy, Xiao Liu was in a state of \”very anxious\” every day for a period of time. She was always afraid that there would be something wrong with the baby she gave birth to, and even her temper became very… irritable. Mother and child are connected. When Xiao Liu loses his temper, is angry and angry, the baby in his belly can actually feel it. Over time, the child will feel uneasy, reduce the development of neurotransmitters in the brain, and cause the baby to be unstable after birth. , will become more introverted in terms of personality. During pregnancy, the expectant mother\’s temper and emotions will not only cause her own endocrine disorders, but also affect the development of the fetus\’s personality. Therefore, pregnant mothers and their families should not ignore emotional management. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not only pay attention to diet, rest and exercise, but emotional management is also a very important aspect. If you often lose your temper during pregnancy, or often fall into sadness and depression, and your mood continues to be low, it is likely to have the following effects on the fetus, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to it. 1. Increase the possibility of miscarriage. The first thing is to increase the possibility of miscarriage. Because a pregnant mother is in a state of anger or sadness for a long time, over time, it may cause strong uterine contractions and suppress the growth environment of the fetus, which will increase the possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, it is very important to try to maintain a peaceful mind and properly control your emotions during pregnancy. 2. It may increase the probability of \”congenital malformations\” in the child. Not only that, once the pregnant mother always feels angry or sad during pregnancy, it may also cause abnormal development of the child. Because of the pregnant motherThese negative emotions are very likely to cause hormone secretion disorders in the body, which will then affect the normal and healthy development of the child and easily lead to fetal malformations. 3. It has certain adverse effects on the child\’s \”character building\”. In addition, if the pregnant mother is often full of negative energy and often loses her temper, it will also have certain adverse effects on the child\’s character building. As mentioned in the above case, the foundation of a child\’s personality is actually laid in the mother\’s womb. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If a pregnant mother often falls into sadness, it will directly hinder the development of neurotransmitters in the child\’s brain, easily make the child depressed and introverted, and even lead to social difficulties in the future, hindering the child\’s path to a better future. 4. It may even affect the child\’s health. In addition, if the pregnant mother is always sad or angry, it will actually have a certain impact on the child\’s health. The hormone secretion in pregnant mothers is disordered, and their emotions are uncontrolled for a long time. It will hinder the development of the fetus and even affect the development of the child\’s immunity, thereby affecting the child\’s health. I hope mothers will pay attention to it. During pregnancy, the pregnant mother is not only a person, but also takes care of the baby in her belly. Therefore, the pregnant mother must pay great attention to diet, exercise, and even daily emotional control. The development of the fetus in the pregnant mother\’s belly lays the foundation for the body after birth, so pregnant mothers must control their behavior and emotions. Not only do pregnant mothers need to pay attention, but their family members also need to understand the pregnant woman. They should often chat with the pregnant mother or accommodate her emotions. Pregnant women should also try to control themselves and not lose their temper randomly. Because pregnant women lose their temper not only to themselves, but also to their fetus, and it is likely to lead to the above four serious consequences. While pregnant mothers have a regular schedule and a healthy diet, they should also learn to reasonably control their emotions and try to maintain a happy and peaceful attitude. This will not only be beneficial to their own bodies, but also promote the healthy growth of the baby and make the child\’s future better. Be better. Moms, how do you control your emotions during pregnancy? Who is your baby\’s personality more inclined to?

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