What fruits are good for pregnant women to eat in spring?

Fruits are very beneficial for pregnancy preparations, pregnant mothers, mothers, and even the general population. Eating an appropriate amount of fruits every day can not only supplement the nutrients the body needs, but also help enhance the body\’s immunity! Today I would like to tell you a little secret about fruits, and which fruits are more suitable for expectant mothers to eat in spring, summer, autumn and winter? Secrets about fruits 01. Strawberries are very sweet, but not high in energy, and are known as weight loss fruits; 02. Winter jujubes are known as the king of vitamin C; 03. The heavier the grapefruit, the fresher it is; 04. If you eat too many oranges, you will If you become a minion, you will slowly return to normal if you stop eating; 05. Cherries are cherries, fruits with high potassium content; 06. Bananas cannot relieve constipation, and if they are not mature enough, they may cause constipation. , fruits that relieve constipation include prunes, apples, etc.; 07. Grapes with hoarfrost will be fresher, because hoarfrost is a sugar alcohol substance secreted by the grape itself… You may say that you should eat fruits in spring, each Seasons are so particular, yes, there are seasonal fruits in every season, of course they are different! Today let’s take a look at which fruits are suitable to eat in spring? Pineapple: Golden pineapple is a diuretic and aids digestion. The protease in it can accelerate the decomposition of meat. Sometimes eating too much charcoal grilled food will make the stomach bloated and uncomfortable. Eating some fresh pineapple can quickly eliminate flatulence. Strawberries: Eating some strawberries during pregnancy can supplement vitamins. Strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C and carotene, which have the effect of moistening the lungs, promoting body fluids, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Pregnant women are prone to have a weakened appetite after pregnancy, which will cause the loss of nutrients. , eating some strawberries at this time can enhance your appetite; in addition, strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, which can effectively prevent gum bleeding during pregnancy. No matter how delicious and beneficial fruits are, you should not eat too much. 200-350 grams of fruits per day during pregnancy. About the size of 1-2 fists. It is best to eat fruit half an hour after a meal. In addition, it is best not to try fruits that you have not eaten before pregnancy!

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