What fruits can pregnant women eat that are good for the fetus?

Do you often search this question on the Internet, hoping to provide you and your baby with the best nutrition? Are you confused by all the different opinions and don’t know who to believe? Are you worried that eating the wrong fruits will affect your baby\’s health and development? If you have the above confusion, then please continue reading, because I want to tell you a shocking secret: In fact, any fruit eaten by the expectant mother is good for the fetus! 200 Examples of Nutritional Recipes for Pregnant Women in Three Months Ultra-clear and Full-color PDF Yes, you heard it right, and I didn’t make a typo either. As long as you follow the following three principles, you can eat fruits with confidence and supplement yourself and your baby with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. Principle 1: Although a moderate amount of fruit is good, don’t be greedy. Generally speaking, pregnant women should not eat more than 500 grams of fruit per day, which is two to three medium-sized fruits. If the fruit is too large or too small, it can be calculated by weight. For example, for large fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe, a small piece at a time is enough; for small fruits such as strawberries and grapes, a handful at a time is enough. Principle 2: A variety of fruits contain different nutrients, so pregnant women should eat more fruits of different types to achieve a balanced effect. For example, apples are rich in potassium and fiber, which can prevent constipation and high blood pressure; oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C, which can enhance immunity and promote iron absorption; cherries contain high levels of iron, which can prevent iron deficiency anemia; kiwi contains Rich in folic acid, it can promote the development of the fetal nervous system; dragon fruit contains albumin, which can relieve heavy metal poisoning… In short, each fruit has its characteristics and effects. Pregnant women should choose the appropriate one according to their physical condition and stage of pregnancy. fruit. Principle 3: The principle of freshness is the most important and basic. Pregnant women must choose fresh, clean, and pesticide-free fruits. Only fresh fruits can ensure that nutrients are not lost, clean fruits can avoid bacterial infections, and fruits without pesticide residues can ensure safety and non-toxicity. Therefore, when pregnant women buy fruits, they should pay attention to choosing fruits with bright colors, intact skin, no peculiar smell, no insects, and no rot. Before eating the fruit, rinse it with running water and peel or core it as much as possible. If possible, it’s best to choose organic or green-labeled fruit. In addition to the above principles, pregnant women should eat different fruits at different stages of pregnancy to meet the nutrients needed for the development of the fetus at different stages. Eating in this way is more conducive to the healthy development of the fetus. The following are suggestions for pregnant women to eat fruits at different stages of pregnancy for your reference: 1. When eating fruits, pregnant women should choose appropriate fruits according to different stages of pregnancy. Generally speaking, neutral or cold fruits are more suitable for pregnant women, while hot fruits are more suitable for pregnant women. Eat in small amounts. 2. In the early stages of pregnancy, you can eat grapefruit, apples, grapes, oranges, bananas and other fruits to supplement folic acid and vitamins. 3. In the second trimester, you can eat lemons, cherries, kiwis, kiwis, grapes, loquats and other fruits to supplement vitamins and iron. 4. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you can eat kiwi, oranges, pears and other fruits to supplement vitamins and calcium. 5. Pregnant women should not eat more than 250 grams of fruit per day, and they should pay attention to sugar control.Ingestion to avoid causing elevated blood sugar or fetal enlargement. 6. Pregnant women should pay attention to their physical constitution and allergies. Some fruits may not be suitable for pregnant women, such as watermelon, persimmon, pineapple, mango, etc. The above is the answer I shared with expectant mothers about what fruits are good for the fetus. I hope it can answer the doubts of pregnant mothers.

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