What fruits should not be eaten during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant women should indeed eat more vegetables and fruits that are helpful to the body. But we should not \”eat indiscriminately\”, but should eat \”selectively\”. After pregnancy, there are also some fruits that are not suitable for pregnant women to eat. Avoid eating these fruits after pregnancy. If you eat too much, it may cause premature birth and false contractions. No matter how greedy the pregnant mother is, don’t be greedy: avoid these 4 kinds of fruits during pregnancy. 1. Papaya is good for beauty. Fruit, many girls have a special liking for papaya. Some pregnant mothers have no appetite after seeing anything, but their eyes light up when they see papaya, because papaya tastes sweet, and when paired with milk, the taste is even better. Therefore, many girls have no resistance to it. It is okay for us to eat more papaya in normal times, but after pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers not eat too much papaya. Because papaya is a cold fruit, if you eat too much, it will easily affect the health of your unborn baby. If a pregnant mother eats too much, false contractions will easily occur in the third trimester of pregnancy. 2. Hawthorn After pregnancy, hawthorn can be said to be the favorite of some pregnant mothers. Since pregnant women have little appetite, they need some appetizing food. Therefore, family members will make various appetizers for pregnant women, such as hawthorn cake, hawthorn slices, hawthorn candy, or simply clean the hawthorns and add sugar for pregnant women to eat. Although some pregnant women have no feelings about other foods, they will suddenly have an appetite when they encounter hawthorn. The family thinks that \”sour children and spicy women\”, since the pregnant woman wants to eat such sour and sweet things, they should make more for her, but they do not know that this is very harmful to the body of the pregnant woman. Although hawthorn is said to help us appetite, it is also a fruit that can easily cause miscarriage. This does not mean that every pregnant woman eating too much hawthorn will cause miscarriage. For some pregnant mothers who are physically weak, or whose fetuses are not fully developed, eating too much hawthorn may lead to miscarriage. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat as little hawthorn as possible during pregnancy. 3. Fruits with high calorie content such as watermelon. After pregnancy, it does not mean that you can do whatever you want and eat whatever you want. Although we need to take supplements and eat more foods that are helpful to the body during pregnancy, we should still pay attention. Control the heat. If you regularly eat fruits with too high calorie content, it will not only cause indigestion and constipation in some pregnant women, but the most serious ones may also cause the fetus to be too large, which is very dangerous during delivery. Fruits such as watermelon, lychee, mangosteen, and pomegranate have very high calorie content, and their sugar content basically reaches 15% to 20%. Normal people may gain weight after eating it. If pregnant women eat too much, it can easily cause gestational diabetes. 4. Various canned fruits. Pregnant women always have strange tastes. Some pregnant women do not like to eat fresh fruits, but are fond of canned fruits, especially canned lychees, canned oranges and canned peaches. , can be said to be in the top ten favorites of pregnant mothers. These cans taste very good.Some girls who love sweets can\’t help but love them, but these cans contain preservatives, additives and sweeteners. Pregnant women should try to avoid processed foods with preservatives and additives. But if a pregnant woman cannot control herself and regularly eats various canned fruits, it may cause various problems in the later stages, such as premature birth or false contractions. What kind of fruits are suitable for pregnant mothers? After pregnancy, most family members will ask pregnant women to eat more vegetables and fruits. In order to make their children look good, some parents buy fruits in large quantities during pregnancy, just to make their children look good. The children have “whiter skin” and “better facial features”. What\’s more, some people always say that eating more grapes can make children\’s eyes \”bigger\” and eating more apples can make children\’s skin more \”moist.\” Although there is no scientific basis, this is also what parents think about their children\’s appearance. An effort and expectation. Since it is said that some fruits cannot be eaten during pregnancy, which fruits are often eaten during pregnancy that are really helpful to pregnant mothers? 1. Cherries During pregnancy, what we need to supplement are some trace elements, especially iron. The iron content of cherries is very high. Generally speaking, it is recommended that if there are pregnant women at home, you can prepare some cherries. 2. Grapes Eating more grapes can make your eyes bigger. There is no factual basis for this, but eating more grapes is indeed helpful to the body. Grapes contain a variety of vitamins and organic acids, which can effectively promote the development of the fetal brain and make the baby\’s brain cells more active. 3. Prickly pear Prickly pear is a type of pear. Eating more of this fruit is very helpful to pregnant women because it contains very high vitamins. The content of vitamin C in every 100g of prickly pear pulp reaches 2000mg. about. Although other types of fruits are very helpful to the body, their vitamin C content is far less than that of prickly pears, so pregnant women can eat some prickly pears appropriately. Eating too much of anything will more or less cause physical discomfort, so pregnant mothers should pay more attention to their diet during pregnancy. Combined with your own physical condition and fetal development, choose fruits and vegetables that are suitable for you. I hope every pregnant mother can spend her pregnancy smoothly.

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