What fruits should pregnant women eat that are good for their fetus?

For pregnant women with BB, they have to be very careful about what they eat, because no matter what they eat, we must first consider the impact on the fetus, such as fruits. Pregnant women should try to eat fruits with low sugar content when choosing fruits. When pregnant women eat fruits, don’t eat too much and be too full, because eating too much fruits will affect the dinner. Here is what Doudehui will give you. Mom, let’s list some fruits suitable for pregnant women. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear and full-color PDF 1. What fruits are good for pregnant women to eat? 1. Depending on the properties of fruits, some pregnant mothers cannot eat them. For example, some fruits are cold in nature and some are warm in nature. Pregnant mothers with weak spleen and stomach should eat less cold fruits. Eating too much warm fruits can easily lead to internal heat. 2. Look at the sugar content. Some fruits have higher sugar content, and some fruits have lower calories and sugar content. If you are a pregnant mother who is gaining too much weight, you can choose fruits with lower sugar content. The same is true for pregnant mothers with high blood sugar during pregnancy and gestational diabetes. . 3. Look at the nutritional label. Most fruits are rich in vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. For example, the nutritional content of vitamin C and protein in ginseng fruit is higher than that of apples and pears, and the folic acid content of kiwi fruit is higher, making it suitable for pregnant mothers to eat. Therefore, although fruits have high nutritional value, some are heat-clearing fruits and some are easy to cause internal heat. This mainly depends on the physique of pregnant mothers. Nutrition during pregnancy must be comprehensive and balanced, so you cannot just eat one kind of fruit. It is recommended to eat more different fruits to supplement the nutrients needed for fetal growth. 1. Early pregnancy 1. Apples are called \”memory fruit\” and so on. A mild fruit perfect for pregnant women. Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, malic acid, tannic acid and fine fiber. Thin fibers are beneficial to the development of the hippocampus area at the edge of the fetal cerebral cortex and contribute to the fetus\’s acquired memory. Apple can improve anemia, prevent excessive obesity, relieve morning sickness and constipation, skin care and slimming, improve fetal skin color; it can also effectively prevent baby asthma. Apple 2. Banana is called the \”fruit of wisdom\”. Bananas are rich in dietary fiber and iron, which promote gastrointestinal motility and improve constipation during pregnancy, thereby detoxifying and nourishing the skin; iron can replenish blood. Bananas can also provide more potassium ions that can lower blood pressure, resisting sodium ions that can increase blood pressure and damage blood vessels. Banana 3. Grapefruit Grapefruit is also called grapefruit. The taste of grapefruit is sour and sweet, and the pulp is rich and juicy. Eating grapefruit can improve appetite and increase appetite. Grapefruit is suitable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Grapefruit also contains natural folic acid, which can prevent anemia in pregnant women and reduce the chance of giving birth to babies with deformities. 4. Cherry tomatoes are called the “fruit of love”. Cherry tomatoes have the effects of producing fluid and quenching thirst, strengthening the stomach and digestion, clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and calming the liver, nourishing blood and increasing appetite. It can also effectively relieve stomach discomfort in early pregnancy. Just take two pills a day. 2. Second trimester 1. Lemon is called \”mother fruit\”. In addition to containing a large amount of vitamin C, lemon is also rich in organic acids and citric acid, which helps to detoxify the lungs and ensure the health of pregnant mothers. It has the functions of quenching thirst, promoting body fluids, dispelling heat, relieving miscarriage, strengthening the stomach, and relieving pain. 2. Cherries are called \”the first branches of spring fruits\”. Cherries can not only promote hemoglobin regeneration, but also prevent and treat the symptoms of hemoglobin during pregnancy.Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, it can also enhance physical fitness, brain and intelligence. It can also benefit the baby\’s neurological development and increase the chance of giving birth to a smart child. No more than 10 pills per day. 3. Pears are known as the “father of all fruits”. Pears are cold in nature, so pregnant women should eat pears appropriately. It can clear away heat, detoxify, lower blood pressure, and prevent pregnancy edema and pregnancy-induced hypertension. If your parents have rough skin, the pregnant mother may consider eating some pears during pregnancy to make the baby\’s skin more supple. 3. Late pregnancy 1. Kiwi fruit is called the “King of Fruits”. Kiwi fruit contains more than 10 amino acids such as leucine, phenylalanine, and isoleucine, as well as minerals such as calcium and iron. It also contains carotene, etc., which can provide needed nutrients for mothers and babies, and can also effectively combat stretch marks. . 2. Grapes are called “crystal pearls”. Eating grapes for pregnant women can prevent miscarriage. The grape seeds in grapes can also improve immunity and help pregnant women reduce the chance of getting sick. Glucose has high relative contents of calcium, phosphorus and iron, as well as a large amount of vitamins and amino acids, which can replenish qi and blood and warm the kidneys. It has a good effect on anemia and thrombocytopenia in pregnant women, and has a good nourishing effect on neurasthenia and excessive fatigue. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF

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