What is fetal toxin, what are its symptoms, and how to remove fetal toxin from the body during pregnancy

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers often pay special attention to their diet. Indeed, it is very correct for pregnant mothers to pay attention to their diet during pregnancy. As the saying goes: \”One person eats, two people make up for it.\” Every bite of food a pregnant mother takes into her mouth is inextricably linked to the growth and development of the fetus. If the pregnant mother eats the right food, the fetus will grow well. If a pregnant mother eats the wrong food, \”fetal toxins\” may accumulate in her body, causing the fetus to be affected by \”fetal toxins\”. When many people hear \”fetal poison\”, the first thing they think of is that pregnant mothers don\’t pay attention to their diet. In fact, it is not just the diet of pregnant mothers that is related to \”fetal poison\”. When pregnant mother Xiao Cai entered her third trimester, her mother-in-law asked someone to buy a large basket of fresh goose eggs from the countryside. Seeing these white and big goose eggs, Xiao Cai was confused. He didn\’t know why he wanted to eat goose eggs, and he didn\’t know what his mother-in-law meant by \”removing fetal toxins\”. \”Fetal poison means that the baby\’s face is unclean and poisonous when it is born. If you eat more goose eggs, you can detoxify the baby.\” After hearing her mother-in-law\’s explanation, Xiao Cai was still confused. But as long as it is for the good of the fetus, she is willing to try no matter how unpalatable the food is, let alone goose eggs? After entering the third trimester of pregnancy, goose eggs are indispensable in Xiao Cai\’s daily diet. Thinking that eating goose eggs can remove \”fetal toxins\”, Xiao Cai is very looking forward to giving birth to a clean child. On the day of delivery, she gave birth to a baby boy very successfully. The whole family was overjoyed, especially Xiao Cai\’s husband, who was the \”single son\” of several generations. When he saw Xiao Cai giving birth to a boy, he burst into laughter. But when they saw the child\’s little face, the family\’s expressions darkened. There are many red spots on the child\’s face, and there are dense papules on the red spots. As soon as her mother-in-law saw her grandson\’s face, she unconsciously muttered: \”No way, Xiao Cai obviously ate a lot of goose eggs, how could he still have fetal poison?\” Xiao Cai was also puzzled, everyone said that eating goose eggs would cure the disease. Fetal poison. I ate hundreds of goose eggs throughout my third trimester of pregnancy. In the end, my child was still affected by \”fetal poison\” and his face was covered with eczema. Why is this? In fact, whether the fetus will be invaded by \”fetal poison\” is not only related to the pregnant mother\’s diet, but also to other aspects. If pregnant mothers want to know whether there is fetal poison in their bodies, they should pay attention to some \”symptoms\” of their bodies. If you have these \”symptoms\”, you should be alert to the presence of fetal poison in your body. So, what \”symptoms\” do pregnant mothers experience that indicate there may be fetal poison in the body? During pregnancy, these three \”symptoms\” appear in pregnant mothers, indicating that there is too much fetal toxin in the body, so be careful ※ Frequently getting angry and feeling hot in the body If pregnant mothers often get angry during pregnancy and feel hot in the body, they should be wary of \”fetal toxin\” \”Already found the door. In fact, \”fetal poison\” is a folk saying, which refers to skin allergic reactions that occur in newborns, such as eczema, scabies, furuncle, etc. People in the past didn\’t know how to explain this skin disease of newborns, so they just called it \”fetal poison\”. The cause of fetal poisoning is often related to the invasion of the mother\’s body by \”heat poison\”. Therefore, when pregnant mothers often feel fever in the body, they should adjust their diet, work and rest in time, and avoid fried and heavy-flavored \”hot\” foods.. In addition, pregnant mothers should not stay up late often and should regulate their daily schedule. Pregnant mothers reduce the heat in their bodies, which is equivalent to removing the \”fetal toxin\” in their bodies. ※Poor mental state and high mood swings. Some pregnant mothers seem to be a different person after pregnancy. They lose their temper at every turn, and their emotions can easily break down and lose control. This is because hormonal changes during pregnancy have an impact on the mood of the pregnant mother, and poor mood of the pregnant mother will cause \”fetal toxins\” to accumulate in the body. After the \”fetal toxin\” accumulates in the body, the mood of pregnant mothers will become even worse, as if they are trapped in a vicious cycle. Many pregnant mothers regard diet during pregnancy as very important, but they always ignore their emotions. In fact, the \”fetal toxin\” infestation of the fetus is often related to the poor mood of the pregnant mother. The process of pregnancy is very hard, and pregnant mothers will experience a lot of physical discomfort. Even so, pregnant mothers must actively adjust their mentality and manage their emotions. Emotion is actually a very important aspect that is easily overlooked by everyone. A good mood for pregnant mothers is not only good for the development of the fetus, but also for their own body. ※The skin is greasy and dull, and the water and oil are imbalanced. The condition of a person\’s skin can often tell how healthy a person is. Some pregnant mothers have rosy complexions and radiant faces during pregnancy. Just by looking at their skin condition and mental state, you can know that they are in a relatively healthy state physically and mentally. Some pregnant mothers, after pregnancy, have a dull complexion and an imbalance of water and oil in their skin. Their whole body looks wilted and lacks energy. Pregnant mothers\’ skin condition and poor mental state are often due to problems with their physical health, which turn on a \”red light.\” Poor skin condition of pregnant mothers is also a sign of \”fetal toxin\” in the body. If the pregnant mother\’s skin is not good, the baby\’s skin may also be bad, because mother and baby are one. Therefore, when pregnant mothers find that their skin has deteriorated, they should not just focus on skin care, but also actively find the root cause. If it is due to diet, pregnant mothers must adjust their diet. If it is due to work and rest, they must adjust their work and rest. If the pregnant mother has a disease in her own body, she should seek medical treatment in time. Doudehui’s parenting message. Many pregnant mothers do not know much about “fetal poison”. Even if they have obvious “symptoms” in their bodies, they are not aware of it. In order to give birth to a fair child, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their own performance during pregnancy. If your body shows any of the \”signs\” mentioned in this article, be careful.

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