What is obsessive-compulsive disorder in children?

How to deal with \”obsessive-compulsive disorder\” babies in the order-sensitive period? If your baby likes to arrange toys in a row or distinguish toys by color, then mothers can use this opportunity to let them organize toys, books or clothing. During this period, parents need to lead by example, return used items to their original places, establish a sense of rules and self-discipline for babies, stimulate their keen judgment on order, and let them act according to certain rules. The baby\’s order-sensitive period is a spiraling stage. At this time, parents must not disrupt the baby\’s steps. Once disrupted, they will fall into confusion and psychological chaos, and they will be more likely to deny themselves and please others. At the same time, if order cannot be restored, active guidance should be provided so that they can slowly accept it. When faced with babies who are in a sensitive period for order, parents must avoid rough interference and try to meet reasonable demands. Unreasonable demands also need to be flexible, reasonable, and diverting attention are all good choices.

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