What is the correct sleeping position during pregnancy?

Introduction: \”Sears Pregnancy Encyclopedia\” mentioned that at least 85% of pregnant mothers will suffer from sleep problems during pregnancy. At the same time, it is also pointed out that if a pregnant woman does not have a good sleep during pregnancy, it will not only affect her own health and the normal development of the fetus, but the child will also be more likely to have sleep problems in the future! My best friend Xinxin has been complaining about lack of sleep in the WeChat group almost every day since she became pregnant. You know, she hasn\’t gone to work since she got pregnant, so she doesn\’t have to worry about sleep time at all. So everyone is surprised, why does she complain that her sleep has become a \”big problem\”? \”As you all know, I have a carefree personality, and I usually sleep in a casual position. But after I became pregnant, I became very nervous,\” Xinxin said helplessly. Another best friend, Xiaoqin, who is already the mother of a 2-year-old baby, also echoed the same sentiment: \”It\’s really hard. It\’s uncomfortable to sleep on your side. I want to sleep on my back, but I\’m worried that the baby will suffocate.\” Xinxin seemed to have found a close friend. , repeatedly said: \”Yes, wasn\’t it true that I couldn\’t bear the pain in my back when sleeping on my side? I tried lying flat for a while, but unexpectedly the fetal movement became very obvious and active. I was so scared that I quickly changed positions, and then the fetal movement resumed. Back to normal.\” Later, Xinxin consulted the doctor and learned that she was more than 7 months old and it was indeed not advisable to stay in a supine position for a long time, otherwise it would compress the nerves and blood vessels of the fetus in the abdomen, and active fetal movement is a sign of the baby\’s \” hint\”. Because Xinxin had been confused about maintaining a sleeping position during pregnancy, Xinxin had a lot of rest time and was still troubled by sleep problems. It seems that in addition to understanding things such as diet during pregnancy, fetal development, prenatal check-ups, etc., sleep is also a key thing to understand! Pregnant mothers should be careful in this sleeping position. Medical research shows that people will emit 149 harmful substances including carbon dioxide while sleeping, not including 171 various chemical substances excreted through skin pores and nearly 100 kinds of coughed up substances. Billions of viruses and bacteria, etc. Covering your head with a quilt while sleeping will not only damage the brain by inhaling these harmful substances, but will also harm the respiratory system. Sleeping position 1: Sleeping with the head covered. Many pregnant mothers experience headaches, drowsiness, and worsening morning sickness the next day. This may be due to the habit of sleeping with the head covered. You know, even the mother\’s body has been harmed so much, let alone the impact on the fetus in her belly. In particular, hypoxia will affect the brain development of the fetus. Sleeping position 2: Sleeping on the stomach. According to the \”Special Regulations on Labor Protection of Female Employees\”, pregnant women are entitled to at least 95 days of maternity leave, and can take about 15 days before the expected date of delivery. In other words, pregnant mothers are usually still working during 90% of the entire pregnancy. Therefore, some pregnant mothers sometimes choose to sleep on the table during lunch break, which is convenient and does not cause the discomfort of lying down. However, this sleeping position not only causes damage to the cervical spine of pregnant women, but also compresses the fetus. In severe cases, suffocation may occur, which can be said to have many potential risks. Sleeping position three: Sleeping on your back. As the pregnancy progresses, the fetus gradually grows. If a pregnant mother sleeps on her back, the space for the fetus to move will become smaller. In addition to making them feel uncomfortable and having their movements restricted and protesting the fetal movement, it will also be invisibly oppressive.The fetal nerves, blood vessels, etc. are also not conducive to the development of the fetus. Moreover, as the pregnancy lengthens, the weight of the fetus increases. Lying down to sleep for a long time can easily increase the pelvic pressure of the pregnant mother and aggravate the feeling of back pain. It may even affect the moisture and blood circulation of the mother\’s lower body, aggravating edema. According to the conclusion of \”EClinical Medicine\”, the sleeping position of pregnant women is not only related to the sleep problems of pregnant women, but may affect the normal development of the fetus, and may cause fetal death in severe cases. Sleeping on your back increases the risk of fetal death by 200%. Therefore, pregnant mothers should know the correct sleeping position during pregnancy! Different sleeping positions are used during different periods of pregnancy. First, the first trimester from 1 to 3 months. In the early stages of pregnancy, doctors usually recommend that pregnant women maintain a sleeping position of \”mainly lying on their backs, supplemented by lying on their sides\”. If necessary, they can also use a pregnancy pillow to assist. After all, in the early stages of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is not obvious in terms of weight or size, and the impact on the pregnant mother or the pressure from the supine sleeping position is not obvious. As the pregnancy period gradually lengthens, pregnant mothers can also use large U-shaped pillows to assist them in lying on their sides and raise their belly and legs to a suitable height, which is more conducive to sleep. Secondly, the second trimester from 4 to 7 months. According to the conclusion about sleeping positions during pregnancy in the \”Hills Pregnancy Encyclopedia\”, many pregnant mothers think that the most comfortable sleeping position is to lie on their side, especially on the left side. Many obstetricians and gynecologists believe so, because at this stage, the pregnant belly is getting bigger and bigger, so more attention should be paid to protecting the pregnant belly and not being affected by external forces as much as possible. Therefore, sleeping on your side is also the most suitable sleeping position. For example, when lying on the side, pregnant mothers can use a U-shaped pillow to support their pregnant belly and legs. If necessary, they can also put a suitable pillow on their back. In this way, it not only reduces the burden on these parts, but also facilitates blood circulation in the lower body and avoids severe edema. Finally, the third trimester of pregnancy from September to October. In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers\’ belly is already very large. It is very uncomfortable to lie on the back at this time, so it is recommended to lie on the left side. Because sleeping on the left side can reduce the pressure on the uterus and prevent the uterus from dextrorotating. It can also promote blood circulation and benefit the development of the fetus. It is worth noting that in order to improve the comfort of pregnant mothers sleeping on the left side, it is best to use pillows to cushion the waist and legs, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of pregnant mothers. It is not difficult to see from the above that pregnant mothers need to use different sleeping positions at different stages of pregnancy. However, careful pregnant mothers should have discovered that sleeping on the left side can actually be used at every stage. It can be seen that it is a relatively versatile sleeping position! Of course, in addition to the correct sleeping posture, pregnant mothers also have many sleep issues that need to be paid attention to in order to ensure a high-quality sleep state! During pregnancy, these sleep issues cannot be ignored. As mentioned in \”Sleep Revolution\”, clean and tidy The bedroom can improve people\’s mood and comfort, and can also improve the quality of sleep. Moreover, those with weak physical fitness during pregnancy should pay more attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the bedroom to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting themselves.and fetal health. Also, as the fetus grows and the uterus continues to expand, pregnant mothers are bound to experience frequent urination. In order to have a good sleep at night and not be frequently woken up by urination, it is better to reduce the amount of water you drink before going to bed, and do not eat too many diuretic vegetables and fruits for dinner. Finally, it is worth noting that even if pregnant mothers are lazy about exercise due to their pregnant belly, as long as their bodies allow it, they still need to maintain adequate exercise, such as walking, yoga for pregnant women and other appropriate methods. It can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also achieve the effects of strengthening the body and improving smooth delivery. Sleeping position during pregnancy is very important. Different sleeping positions need to be changed at different times to prevent pregnant mothers from sleeping problems, and at the same time, it will not affect the healthy development of the fetus. This is also a required course! For example, some studies have found that when a pregnant mother changes from lying on her back to lying on her left side, the heart\’s blood output will increase by nearly 22%, which can also effectively reduce the fatigue during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers and their families must work together to create a good sleeping environment, and at the same time understand the sleeping position that is most suitable for them!

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