What is the fastest way to treat anemia in infants? How to cure infant anemia the fastest…

Question 1: My baby is eleven months old. The last cough test showed that he had iron deficiency anemia and his hemoglobin was 76. Our hospital here said there is no medicine for treating children. I would like to ask the doctor what kind of treatment should I give my baby? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: The hemoglobin is 76. The anemia is so serious that it needs to be treated with medicine. There are medicines for newborns who are one month old. It is impossible not to use medicine. The child must be treated. Anemia affects the child\’s development and is more serious than calcium deficiency. . You can correct it by taking ferrous lactate oral liquid containing 100 mg of iron each (check the content clearly when buying medicine, health products cannot be used), one at a time, take it for 15-20 days and check again. If it is effective, it is recommended to take it for two months. In addition, it is recommended to add fortified iron rice noodles, vegetable purees, fruit purees, egg yolks, meats, etc., little by little, and the complementary foods should be rich and varied. Xiaokangjun adds: While supplementing iron, you should also pay attention to eating more foods rich in vitamin C to help promote iron absorption. Question 2: A 3-year-old and 10-month-old girl suffered from viral pharyngitis and buccal inflammation. She is better now, but she still has occasional coughs. How to deal with it? Dr. Wang Jing’s answer: You need a hospital consultation to see if the cough is caused by the throat or a tracheal or lung infection, so that you can take appropriate medication. Because angina is mostly caused by viral infection in the early stage, and it is easy to be combined with bacterial infection after herpes is broken, so it may be caused by the throat, or the inflammation may spread to the trachea and lungs. Question 3: My child is now two months and four days old. He is exclusively breastfed. He has been eating nothing since last night at about 7 o\’clock, and he keeps crying. I just patted his belly and listened. There\’s a popping sound. Is your belly bloated? Need something to eat? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: This situation is considered to be caused by intestinal flatulence. Burp the baby every time after feeding, massage the belly clockwise with the navel as the center, massage it several times, and take probiotics and simethicone together. Baby lie down for a while.

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