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What is the fastest way to treat prickly heat in babies?

Question 1: My baby is 70 days old. Today I found small particles on the baby’s belly and waist, but not elsewhere. What is this? How to treat it? The weather has been relatively hot these days. Is it related to the weather? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: This situation is considered to be heat rash, also called heat rash or prickly heat. It is related to covering up heat, such as wearing too many covers and the surrounding environment is hot. As long as the factors of covering up heat are removed, it will subside soon. You can also apply paeonol ointment to relieve it. However, it is best for parents to use the following methods to prevent and alleviate the occurrence of heat rash: ❶ Bath frequently and change clothes frequently: it is best to wear loose, breathable, sweat-absorbent cotton clothes with thin fabrics for the baby; ❷ Dry sweat in time: do not wipe with a cold towel , because cold water stimulation can suddenly close the mouth of the sweat glands, making it easier to develop prickly heat. You can use a dry towel to wipe the sweat repeatedly. ❸ Adjust indoor temperature: Ventilate the room regularly every day to keep the environment cool. When the temperature is too high, you can use an electric fan or air conditioner appropriately to reduce sweating and facilitate the evaporation of sweat, but be careful not to let the air outlet face the baby. blow. ❹ Cut your nails frequently: This is mainly to prevent your baby from getting infected due to itching and scratching. ❺ Don’t be a “kangaroo mother”: Don’t hang your baby on your body, hold it in your arms, or carry it on your body all the time. Not only are you hot, your baby is also hot, and even sweating cannot evaporate well. It is recommended that babies be allowed to play freely while parents take good care of them and pay attention to safety. Question 2: Hello doctor, my baby made a snoring sound when he was born. He is now 42 days old. The doctor told us to take cod liver oil when he is one month old. We have been taking it for half a month. He said that the laryngeal cartilage is not fully developed, like this How long does it take to supplement cod liver oil? Do I need to take other calcium supplements? Dr. He Jiexin answered: There is no need to supplement calcium at present. There is enough calcium in breast milk and milk powder. The main problem is absorption, so vitamin AD needs to be supplemented to promote calcium absorption. Breastfeeding mothers can take some calcium, and babies need to take vitamin AD until they are 2 years old. As for laryngeal cartilage dysplasia, improvement will take at least three to six months, or even longer. Question 3: Hello doctor, after the child is weaned, he learns to eat on his own. He eats a lot at every meal and has a good appetite. The child\’s belly is round all day long. I am afraid that the child will accumulate food. Do you need to eat something to digest? The child has regular bowel movements and is in good spirits. Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Judging from your description, the child is normal and does not need to take medicine. Just pay attention to eating less at night.

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