What is the fetus busy with at 3 months of pregnancy?

After pregnancy, many friends will be curious about the development of the fetus, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The fetus is still in the embryonic stage. The mother\’s belly is not pregnant and she cannot feel fetal movement. What is the fetus doing at this time? After intercourse, the sperm and egg begin to unite, slowly develop into an embryo, and then grow into a small fetus. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF downloads 108M1. Set up camp and settle down. After a couple has sex, the man releases sperm and the woman releases egg. When the sperm and egg merge in the fallopian tube, they will combine to form a fertilized egg. . The fertilized egg reaches the woman\’s uterine cavity under the action of the fallopian tube, and then successfully implants in the uterine cavity, which indicates the beginning of life. Implantation of a fertilized egg sounds simple, but in fact it is not easy. Not only does the quality have to be high, but the location must also be appropriate. If the quality is not up to standard, the implantation is likely to fail, and even if the implantation is successful, it is easy to be eliminated, that is, miscarriage; if the implantation position is wrong and the implantation is outside the uterine cavity, it is an ectopic pregnancy, which will endanger the mother\’s life safety. Therefore, at this time, the little fetus, which is still a fertilized egg, is working hard to set up camp and is busy registering for residence! 2. Strive for your own intelligence. The early stage of pregnancy is the period of embryonic development, and it is also the golden period of fetal brain development. The fetal brain prototype appears, the brain begins to differentiate, and brain cells proliferate rapidly, with a proliferation rate of up to 250,000 cells per minute. The fetal neural tube also develops at this stage. If it does not develop well, the neural tube is prone to malformations. Therefore, at this time, the fetus is fighting for its own intelligence. Mothers need to help their fetuses by eating more foods that are helpful for brain development, such as protein, vitamins and calcium, taking folic acid, and staying away from various substances that affect brain development, such as tobacco, alcohol, second-hand smoke, and various radiation sources. . 3. Work hard for your own good looks. I believe that every pregnant mother hopes that her baby will be smart, healthy and cute. It is best to have good looks and be loved by everyone. However, appearance mainly depends on genetic genes. For example, the father\’s high nose bridge, big eyes, and double eyelids are mostly passed on to his daughter… In addition to genetic factors, the appearance of the fetus also has a lot to do with the mother\’s diet and life in the early stages of pregnancy. At 4 weeks of pregnancy, which is 2 weeks after fertilization, the fertilized egg enters the uterine wall and begins to develop. At this time, the fetus is still a small embryo; at 8 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo begins to take on a human shape, and can distinguish eyes, ears, mouth, nose and limbs, but its body is large. It is small and looks like an alien; at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus\’ eyes move to the front of the face, the outer ears begin to form, the front body is covered with villi, and the reproductive organs begin to develop. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus develops stably and becomes less sensitive to teratogenic substances. It can be said that most malformations during pregnancy appear in the first trimester, especially the malformation that affects the appearance of the fetus – cleft lip and palate. Therefore, if you want your fetus to be good-looking, in addition to congenital inheritance, the mother must also pay attention to her diet. Stay away from all behaviors that can affect the appearance of the fetus, such as improper diet, smoking and drinking; depression, bad temper, anger; taking drugs without permission, etc. To sum up, the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy is still very busy, for the sake of the fetusTo be smart, healthy and cute, mothers must cooperate with their fetuses, eat healthily and stay away from all kinds of teratogenic substances!

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