What is the impact of anemia in pregnant women on the fetus?

Anemia in pregnant women is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. Anemia during pregnancy is generally the most common type of iron deficiency anemia. During pregnancy, the iron reserves in the mother\’s body must not only meet her own needs, but also supply the growth of the fetus. need. Therefore, this causes pregnant women to become a group with a high risk of iron deficiency anemia. So, what impact does anemia in pregnant women have on the fetus? What are the symptoms of anemia in pregnant women? The following article will immediately explain to you all the above doubts about anemia in pregnant women! What impact does anemia in pregnant women have on the fetus? Pregnant women are the most common group of people with anemia. According to incomplete statistics, 50% of pregnant women are anemic, and 40% of pregnant women’s deaths are related to anemia! This proportion is shocking! Anemia is so serious, but many pregnant mothers do not take it seriously. You must know that anemia in pregnant mothers is not only If it affects itself, it will also affect the fetus! The following pregnancy and infant experts will share with you: What impact does anemia in pregnant women have on the fetus? Because the nutrients needed during fetal growth and development are all nutrients in the maternal blood through the placenta. If maternal nutrition is insufficient, it will have a direct negative impact on the fetus, causing slow fetal development. Anemia in pregnant women will reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells, reduce intrauterine oxygen content, and even cause premature birth, stillbirth, cerebral palsy, etc. Serious consequences, the following are the specific effects of anemia in pregnant women on the fetus. The nutritional status of the mother with developmental delay directly or indirectly affects the development of the fetus, so when a woman is pregnant, she may be the happiest time in her life. The food is almost always the best, and my family will cook almost anything I want to eat. During pregnancy, iron and folic acid supplements are needed, and deficiencies can cause anemia. Babies need to supplement iron in their mother\’s body, and this iron comes from the mother\’s nutrition. This causes anemia in the mother. Once the mother is anemic, the child\’s development will be very delayed. Death by suffocation If the mother is anemic, the fetus will be short of nutrients and oxygen from the mother. The brain is very sensitive to oxygen. If there is insufficient oxygen, it will also have an impact on intellectual development. This causes children born to anemic mothers to lose to other children at the starting line of intelligence. If the mother is anemic and wants to change this symptom, she can supplement some liver, egg yolk and grain soy products, which are rich in iron. Of course, if it is severe, you can also supplement iron directly and take it with juice. Influence of Intelligence Human brain development is completed rapidly from 3 months of pregnancy to 6 years of age. 6 months after a baby is born, the weight of brain tissue increases to 80% of that of an adult. Before the age of 3 years old, the nerve cells of the human brain divide and multiply to 14 billion. indivual. Iron deficiency in the early stages of brain development will affect the energy metabolism and function of brain cells, and affect the metabolism of neurotransmitters. The cerebellum and hippocampus are also very sensitive to iron deficiency. Effects on language ability: Due to the lack of oxygen and iron in the mother\’s body, babies are prone to poor mental health, fatigue, and lack of interest in external things after birth. This backward cognitive ability of external things will affect the formation of the baby\’s language ability. Visual impact Anemia in pregnant women also affects the child\’s vision. Mainly manifested in grasping toys, holding smaller objects, etc., which require vision and movement coordination.The timing is relatively slow compared to children of the same age. Effects on muscle development: The fetus is deficient in iron and nutrition in the pregnant mother\’s body. The congenital myoglobin contains insufficient iron. The baby\’s muscles are prone to weakness, and even small movements such as raising the head, turning over, sitting up, etc. appear to be weak. Very sluggish. If this happens for a long time, the child does not like activities and always lies in bed, which will affect the development of muscles. Effects of Resistance Compared with other newborns, babies born to anemic mothers are not as good as other babies despite their best efforts to nurse them back to health. Moreover, these babies will also have trouble eating in the future learning process, and their resistance is never as good as that of normal babies. Anemia in pregnant women has such a great impact on the fetus. If anemia is found in routine blood tests, iron and blood supplements should be taken in time. Eat more beef, animal blood, red dates, black sesame seeds, seaweed, etc. However, because pregnant women require a large amount of blood, food supplements must be sufficient. Pregnant women who are not suffering from anemia are advised to choose iron tablets commonly used by pregnant women – Tiebu Snow Tablets. It supplements iron and promotes blood production. It is delicious and does not cause irritation. The nutritional supplement can meet the metabolic needs of the pregnant woman, provide the needs for the growth of the fetus, and can also be reserved for delivery. blood. 200 examples of nutritional recipes for 3-month pregnant women in ultra-clear and full-color PDF

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