What is the safest way to have an abortion one month pregnant?

What is the safest way to have an abortion one month pregnant? Some friends who discover an unexpected pregnancy may think this is good news. However, for those mothers who do not plan to have a child or have a second child, it is an annoying thing. Let’s take a look with Doudehui. Let’s see what is the safest way to abort the pregnancy at one month of pregnancy. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scan and PDF download 108M How to have an abortion when you are only one month pregnant? 1 If you don’t want a child after pregnancy, you will usually choose artificial abortion. Abortion surgery is the safest and most direct option. So, how to abort a pregnancy in one month? There are generally two categories of abortion: artificial abortion and medical abortion. Generally, the method of abortion should be chosen based on the requirements of the pregnant woman, her physical condition and the time of pregnancy. Medical abortion is for those who conceive within 49 days of menopause and are under the age of 34. Oral drugs can prevent the embryo sac from growing until it falls off. No surgery is required but the medication can cause gastrointestinal reactions, nausea and discomfort. The pain is intense, a 30% incomplete miscarriage rate requires a second uterine evacuation, the bleeding time is long, and it is easy to cause infection and infertility. According to experts, it is best to have an abortion when you are 35-50 days pregnant, because at this time the size of the gestational sac is appropriate, the difficulty of the operation and physical damage are minimal, and the postoperative recovery is fastest. Artificial abortion is the abortion method chosen by many pregnant women. Painless abortion is highly safe and recovery is relatively quick. Artificial abortion generally does not exceed 10 weeks, because within 10 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo or fetal bones have not yet formed, and there is usually no need to dilate the cervix and the fetal mass tissue can be easily sucked out. Reaction during surgery was mild. There is less bleeding and the operation time is short. You can go home after resting for 1-2 hours. Recovery is also quick and has little impact on the body. If the pregnancy is more than 10 weeks, the fetus has slowly grown, and the uterus has also grown. At this time, simple uterine suction surgery is not suitable for painless abortion, but forceps and curettage abortion surgery is required. The operation is difficult, involves a lot of bleeding, and the recovery is slow, which has a certain impact on the body. The best time for medical abortion Medical abortion must be confirmed to be an intrauterine pregnancy. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, medical abortion may cause heavy bleeding. When is the best time for medical abortion? The time for medical abortion is generally within 7 weeks of pregnancy. The most sensitive effects of drugs are on the 35th to 40th day, while abortion is generally possible within 12 weeks after the pregnancy is known. Medical abortion generally requires taking two kinds of medicine. First, you take a medicine that inhibits the development of the embryo. After 2-3 days, you take a medicine that shrinks the uterus to expel the embryo. Most people will have uterine contractions two hours after taking the latter medicine. For abdominal pain caused by the disease, you can usually go back to the hospital for six hours of observation after taking the medicine, and then the bleeding will continue for 1-2 weeks. After that, you can go to the hospital for a review B-ultrasound to see if it is cleared. Experts remind that even if you choose medical abortion, you must go to the hospital to have it, and do not buy medicines at will. What is the safest way to abort a baby one month pregnant? 2 How to abort a baby one month pregnant? 1. Abortion is also called interruption of pregnancy or artificial abortion, which is the act of deliberately ending a pregnancy, removing the embryo or causing the death of the fetus. It is recommended that you consider clearly that abortion will seriously affect you.Physical effects such as infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, hemorrhage and infection, fatigue, shock and coma, uterine perforation, peritonitis, intense pain, loss of body organs, insomnia, anorexia, reduced work capacity, nervousness, etc. 2. If it is within forty-nine days starting from the first day of the last menstrual period, medical abortion can be used. The side effects of medical abortion are smaller than those of surgery. However, you must first conduct an examination to determine whether it is an indication for medical abortion. It is recommended to do a B-ultrasound examination first to confirm that it is early intrauterine pregnancy and that the size of the gestational sac meets the regulations for medical abortion. Medical abortion can be used. It should be noted that after taking the last three tablets, you must be observed in the hospital. 3. Medical abortion can be used within 49 days of pregnancy. Medical abortion is relatively less painful, recovers quickly, and does not require hospitalization. If the pregnancy is short, medical abortion can be used, but a small number of people may have incomplete abortion and still need surgical evacuation. Artificial abortion can be done in 40-70 days. Artificial abortion can completely remove the disease in one step. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for specific abortion methods, and the doctor will decide according to your comprehensive situation analysis. How much does an abortion cost in one month of pregnancy? There are two types of abortion on the market, painless abortion and medical abortion. The prices are different. If medical abortion is performed, it needs to be confirmed as intrauterine pregnancy by B-ultrasound within seven weeks of pregnancy. The general cost is just a few hundred yuan. However, painless abortion requires relatively strict physical conditions and requires intravenous anesthesia. The cost is relatively high, generally between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan, because the hospital levels vary and the charges are different. The standards are also different. It is best to consult the hospital where you are seeking treatment. How long does it take to rest after an abortion in one month of pregnancy? If it is confirmed that it is an intrauterine pregnancy and then an abortion is performed, it usually takes 2 weeks of rest, especially in the first three days. If you are in poor physical condition or work hard, you need to rest. Take some extra rest. Try not to go out and pay attention to vaginal bleeding. Within 4 weeks after the operation, you should be careful not to have sex or take a bath. You should pay more attention to rest and avoid spicy and irritating foods. Keep a happy mood and don\’t have too much psychological pressure and don\’t be nervous. Don\’t smoke or drink. You should also pay attention to your vulva. clean. Go to the hospital for a check-up 2 weeks after the operation. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go to the hospital for a check-up at any time.

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