What issues should you pay attention to in the first three months of pregnancy? A must-read for pregnant mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most important stages in a woman\’s life. However, many originally important things are often ignored by everyone, or no one informs them, or it is difficult to distinguish between true and false… If you want to have a good pregnancy Smooth and comfortable, this knowledge is really indispensable. Today, Doudehui will take stock of those trivial but crucial things for everyone! 1. Olive oil does not prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by the increase in glucocorticoids during pregnancy, which causes the degeneration of elastic fibers in the skin. When the skin tension increases, the fibers break. Therefore, controlling appropriate weight gain during pregnancy and avoiding excessive weight gain may be an important way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It is unscientific to completely prevent stretch marks by relying solely on olive oil. 2. Don’t be picky about food. Some pregnant mothers have the habit of being picky about food before becoming pregnant. After pregnancy, they must put an end to this bad habit. Because mothers usually have varying degrees of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy and eat less. If they are picky eaters, the nutrition in their bodies will definitely be unbalanced. If the mother cannot even guarantee her own normal nutritional needs, let alone meet the growth needs of the fetus. . Therefore, for the health of herself and her fetus, mothers must get rid of the bad habit of being picky about food, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables and balanced nutrition in their diet. 3. Selection of skin care products. We can use skin care products during pregnancy. Try to choose some skin care products specially designed for pregnant women or pure plant-based skin care products. It is best not to apply lipstick, perm, dye, manicure, etc., although it is best not to do these things. It’s okay to say it once or twice, but for the sake of the healthy growth of the fetus, we’d better endure it. 4. Adjust mood and sleep. After more than six months of suffering, in the third trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers are more anxious and will feel like they are about to give birth at any slightest disturbance. The more I fear giving birth, the more I want this day to come as soon as possible. The waiting feels too excruciating. In addition, in the last one or two months of pregnancy, insomnia, light sleep, and excessive dreams devastate the expectant mothers\’ spirits. At this time, the encouragement and companionship of family members are very important. 5. The bathroom should be anti-slip. Pregnant mothers should avoid slipping when taking a bath. This is a key issue to prevent in the bathroom. Generally speaking, pregnant women are encouraged to take showers rather than bathing in the tub. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] This is not only because bathing in the tub is easy to cause infection, but also an important reason is that pregnant women are bulky and it is inconvenient to get in and out of the bathtub and bathtub, which virtually increases the probability of slipping. When bathing, the ground is wet and slippery, and pregnant women may slip easily due to their unstable center of gravity, so it is best to lay out a non-slip mat to ensure safety. so. Pregnant women must pay attention to non-slip when taking a bath during pregnancy, and must not be careless. 6. Frequent interaction with the baby and touching the belly is a habit of every pregnant mother. This habit can help the pregnant mother establish a close connection with the fetus. But in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to do less of this action. Excessive belly touching in the third trimester of pregnancy may stimulate uterine contractions, lead to premature birth, or increase the chance of the umbilical cord wrapping around the neck. At this time, the pregnant mother can interact with the baby by reading picture books and listening to prenatal education music, and the baby also likes it very much. Having said all this, pregnant mothers should be extra careful and pay attention to their health during the period of pregnancy.Pregnancy itself is not a matter of one person. In order to ensure the safe birth of a lovely baby, pregnant mothers should pay more attention.

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