What items are generally included in pre-pregnancy check-ups?

Pre-pregnancy examination generally includes the following items: 1. Physical condition assessment: The doctor will ask about the woman\’s health history, family history, past medical history, etc., and conduct a comprehensive physical examination to determine whether there are potential health problems. 2. Blood tests: including blood type, hepatitis B, AIDS and other infectious disease screenings, as well as hemoglobin, blood sugar, blood lipids and other indicators. 3. Gynecological examination: including cervical smear, vaginal secretion examination, uterine and appendix ultrasound, etc. to rule out the impact of gynecological diseases on pregnancy and childbirth. 4. Reproductive system examination: Conduct semen analysis, testicular ultrasound and other examinations for men, and conduct ovarian ultrasound and fallopian tube patency examination for women to understand whether the reproductive system is normal. 5. Genetic counseling: If there is a family history of hereditary disease, genetic counseling and genetic examination are required to determine whether the fetus has potential risks of genetic diseases. 6. Other examinations: such as dental and eye examinations to ensure the mother\’s health and reduce the risk of unnecessary diseases during pregnancy.

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