What kind of fish is good for pregnant women to eat for their fetus?

Some mothers often say that their milk supply is insufficient after giving birth. In fact, mothers benefit from having more milk. If the mother has good eating habits and adequate nutrition before giving birth, it is very rare to have insufficient milk after delivery. Today Doudehui will share with you a recommended fish: crucian carp is the best \”master\” in promoting lactation. It has delicious meat, fresh and tender meat, comprehensive nutrition, fresh and sweet taste, and excellent lactation effect. It is a traditional postpartum tonic. Help new mothers quickly recover their physical fitness, promote lactation and promote lactation. Crucian carp is rich in protein. Eating crucian carp soup after delivery can replenish deficiency and yin blood, allowing new mothers to quickly recover their physical fitness. There is enough milk to drink. Regular consumption of crucian carp can enhance the physique of the expectant mother and create a strong shield for the health of the baby. Crucian carp can warm the body and strengthen the body. The high-quality protein it contains is easy to digest and absorb. Regular consumption can enhance the disease resistance of the expectant mother and is beneficial to the health of the fetus. development and lay a good foundation for the health of the fetus. Beijing Pregnant Women Yoga Video Tutorial Beginner Download [Dual Audio Track 701M] Eating crucian carp regularly can easily remove edema. Expectant mothers are prone to symptoms such as weakness of the spleen and stomach, edema and other symptoms during pregnancy. Crucian carp can strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, warm the middle and lower the qi, and is very good for these symptoms. improvement effect. Crucian carp also has a tonic effect on expectant mothers with diabetes. The best way to eat crucian carp: The meat of crucian carp is tender and delicious, and can be made into porridge, soup, vegetables, etc., especially suitable for making soup. When stewing crucian carp, you can first use oil to fry both sides of the crucian carp until brown, then pour in cold water and simmer slowly over low heat, so that the umami flavor in the fish will dissolve in the soup, making the whole soup milky white and delicious, which can enhance the accuracy of the soup. Mom\’s appetite. Contraindications: Although crucian carp has a nourishing effect on expectant mothers, it should not be eaten every day, otherwise it will not be conducive to nutritional balance and may cause constipation. In addition, it is not advisable to eat it during colds and fevers, and do not drink tea before and after eating crucian carp. I would like to share with you two home-cooked dishes of crucian carp. Friends who like to eat crucian carp can give it a try. 200 Examples of Nutritional Recipes for Pregnant Women for 3 Months Ultra-Clear Full-Color PDF Crucian Carp Milk Soup Ingredients: 1 fresh crucian carp, appropriate amount of cabbage or coriander and carrot Seasoning: a little salt Method: 1. Clean the fresh crucian carp and fry over low heat until both sides turn yellow , add water and cook until the soup turns milky white. 2. Add an appropriate amount of cabbage, coriander, and carrot, add a little salt, and bring to a boil. Ingredients for cooking crucian carp in vinegar: 1 crucian carp, 20 grams each of green pepper and red pepper. Seasoning: appropriate amounts of salt, sugar, soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine. Method: 1. Wash the crucian carp and cut it into pieces, put it in a bowl, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, and cooking wine to marinate it slightly; wash the green pepper and red pepper and cut into small pieces, cut the green onion into sections, and slice the ginger. 2. Heat the oil in the pot until it is 70% hot. Add the marinated fish pieces and fry until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Add the green pepper cubes, red pepper cubes, green onions and ginger slices to the oil pan and stir fry until fragrant. Take good crucian carp pieces, add salt, sugar, cook in balsamic vinegar, and serve on a plate.

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