What should I do if I don’t want to eat and have no appetite during pregnancy?

What should I do if I don’t want to eat and have no appetite during pregnancy? Hormone levels are high during pregnancy. Some expectant mothers do not eat well due to morning sickness. They are worried that it will affect the baby\’s nutrient absorption and become depressed. These psychological reasons will become factors that interfere with gastric acid secretion, weaken the gastrointestinal function of pregnant mothers, and lead to appetite during pregnancy. Bad situation. It is recommended that family members cook more light and nutritious meals according to the taste of the pregnant mother. You can choose some foods that are brightly colored and look appetizing. However, it should be noted that rather than the quantity of food eaten by the pregnant mother, what needs to be paid more attention to is the quality of the food eaten by the pregnant mother. CCTV recommends over 500 excellent documentaries with high scores. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the pattern. Don’t force the pregnant mother to eat something. This will only increase the psychological pressure of the pregnant mother and lead to a worse appetite. Just do what she likes and be a pregnant mother. If you suddenly want to eat something, eat it immediately, even if it is just a bite, it will reduce the pressure on pregnant mothers to eat.

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