What should I do if I fail the newborn hearing screening?

Question 1: A newborn baby can’t hear well at 8 days old. She doesn’t respond to loud sounds, play music, or call her. She can’t hear. Is there a hearing problem? Is it possible that there is amniotic fluid and vernix in the ears that prevents the hearing? What causes hearing problems? How can it be cured? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If there is no response to sounds and the hearing screening fails, there may be a hearing problem (or there may be no problem). It is recommended to go to the otology department of a large hospital to confirm the diagnosis. You can check the brainstem evoked potential, or you can wait. Have another checkup in 42 days. There are amniotic fluids in the ears that also respond to sounds. There are many reasons for the inability to hear, including genetic problems, hypoxia, and other diseases. The specific causes need to be examined to determine how to treat them. Question 2: My baby is more than two months old. He does not have enough milk during and after confinement. He is fed mixedly. He only eats breast milk for the past half month. He only eats milk powder when he is very hungry. Sometimes he spits out the milk powder. I don’t know if the milk has improved. Or if you don’t take milk powder for other reasons, how can you tell if you have enough milk? I have a bowel movement every three days and the stool is dry. Is it constipation? What should I eat to resolve constipation? Dr. Wang Jing answered: The urine output is normal and the weight gain is normal, which means that the breast milk is enough. It is normal not to eat milk powder when the breast milk is enough. In addition, the stool is once every three days and is relatively dry, which is related to the baby\’s gastrointestinal function and breast milk. If there are no uncomfortable symptoms, you can leave it alone. Question 3: I am now 43 days postpartum, and I haven’t had a physical examination yet. I had always had lochia on my body during the full moon, and it often came on and off. Now I am 40 days old and have it again. It is just like menstruation, and I occasionally have abdominal pain. This is what happened? Dr. Yu Jiangqi’s answer: For postpartum hemorrhage, we must first rule out abnormal bleeding caused by poor uterine contraction. Generally, lochia will be cleared within 42 days after delivery. However, some people’s uterine contraction is not good, or there is residual tissue in the uterine cavity, causing bleeding. The time will be extended, and you should go to the hospital to review your physical recovery 42 days after delivery. If there is no problem after checking the uterus, then consider it as the cause of postpartum Qi and blood deficiency, and you can find a Chinese medicine doctor to prescribe Chinese medicine to regulate the body.

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