What should mothers eat before giving birth to help give birth?

Although medical technology in modern society continues to advance, when a woman gives birth, she still feels like she has walked through the gates of hell and faces some unknown risks. If the mother is poorly prepared, the delivery time is likely to increase, and the time the fetus will spend in the mother\’s uterus will also increase. This will also increase the time for the fetus to be asphyxiated and hypoxic in the uterus, and increase the risk of fetal delivery. Therefore, before giving birth, the mother must be fully prepared. If she eats more of these foods 24 hours before giving birth, the delivery process will be smoother! Did you know? Before giving birth, pregnant women must eat reasonably and ensure adequate nutrition. Nutrition, when you have enough strength to give birth, we recommend the following foods that are beneficial to delivery. Chocolate Chocolate is a high-calorie food and is easy to digest and absorb. Chocolate is rich in protein, iron, calcium and other nutrients. At the same time, the sugar in chocolate can be quickly absorbed by the body and converted into energy. Therefore, mothers can eat some chocolate before giving birth, which will help provide the energy needed for delivery. During childbirth, you can also enjoy some chocolate. Pregnant mothers on a liquid diet may have poor appetite before giving birth. If they eat food that is not easy to digest or requires a lot of chewing, it is easy to waste energy. Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to choose liquid foods that are easy to digest and absorb. Such as honey water, etc. At the moment before delivery, labor analgesia comes, and due to the psychological stress of pregnant mothers, many pregnant mothers have a poor appetite and cannot eat. However, pregnant mothers need to be reminded that natural childbirth takes a long time and therefore requires a lot of energy. If a pregnant mother does not eat before giving birth, she will not have enough energy to give birth during labor. This will increase the risk to the pregnant mother and fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers must eat a reasonable diet before delivery and ensure adequate nutrition, so that they have energy to give birth during delivery. This can not only shorten the delivery time, but also reduce the risk of delivery!

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